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Oh no… we goofed

The mobile update we released earlier today fixed a ton of bugs, but accidentally broke one feature — Next : Unified View.

By broke, we mean that the mobile app is displaying all project actions in the Next list when it should only be showing the first action from projects that are marked as sequential.  Your data is fine… the app is just displaying additional actions when it shouldn’t.

We’ve already uploaded a fix to both the PlayStore (Android) and the AppStore (iOS).

Android users — the fixed app should be available in a few minutes. EDIT: it’s up! Version 3.0.28

iPhone or iPad users — if you rely on the Unified View in the Next List (with Sequential Projects) and you haven’t updated yet, please hold off until a new version is available in the AppStore. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Apple’s gate-keepers, and it can sometimes take them days to approve fixes that we submit.  We’ll post an update here as soon as we’re notified that the fixed app is available for download.

So sorry about this.

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Happy Friday Mobile Update!

We’ve been pretty busy smashing bugs and improving things over the past few weeks. The fruits of our labour are now available for Android via GooglePlay and for iOS on the AppStore. We’re pretty excited.

Take a look at what’s in store:


  • Start the week on Sunday vs Monday
  • We’ll ask if you REALLY want to discard your draft notes or task
  • Sort reference lists alphabetically/ manually
  • Pull to refresh like there’s no tomorrow
  • Easier search access


  • Fixed Focus and recurring task sync issues
  • Rescheduled recurring items are now updated properly
  • Power user? No more crashing with large datasets

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Thanks everyone and have a great weekend.

Power-Tip: Check-lists (aka sub-tasks)

Another power feature of Nirvana is the ability create check-lists (sometimes referred to as sub-tasks) inside your action notes. Use check-lists for things you need to remember as part of an action, entered as separate lines inside the notes field, each line beginning with a dash.

For Example,

New Action: Call Mom

Don’t forgot to discuss…
– flight # and arrival time
– gifts for the grand kids
– where she’d like to go for dinner

Hit Save, and lines beginning with a dash will render as check-boxes.

That said, if you need multiple actions to get to “done” you should really create a proper project with actions inside — all-the-better to keep your contexts, energy levels and focus/states current and your GTD system clean, clear and under control.