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N2 Build 267 – Tag Cloud and more

New N2 build 267 has been pushed live! (refresh as necessary)

Biggest new feature is the Tag Cloud. Want to see everything tagged across your entire account or selected area? The Tag Cloud is your new best friend. It works similar to any other GTD state list (inbox/next/someday) in that you click in the left navi, and tasks appear to the right. From there you can drill down via the context filtering bar at the top.

Left Navi

A nice UI improvement that came out of this is that new tasks and projects can now be created via a popup dialog, rather than inline if you so choose. Use the hot key ‘t’ to create a new task, ‘p’ to create a new project. The old hot key ‘n’ has a bit more magic behind it now… new tasks and projects are created inline where it makes sense, but a popup dialog is used in places where it doesn’t (such as in search results or tag cloud selection).

Creating a New Task

Here’s a snippet from the Build 267 release notes:

New Features and Improvements:

  • Tag Cloud
  • Relative Due Dates (due tomorrow, 3 days late)
  • New Task / Project dialogs as popup (hot keys ‘t’ and ‘p’ respectively)
  • Clicking Cancel when creating a new task no longer leaves a dangling task
  • Clicking Cancel when creating a new project no longer leaves a dangling project
  • Account Setting to create New Projects as either parallel or sequential by default
  • Firefox now does the html5 cache manifest thing to allow working offline
  • and more …

There’s a lot of code cleanup we’d been putting off for months that we finally decided to face (rather the tip-toe around). There’s still work to be done, but this feels like a major milestone.

For more details on improvements and bug fixes, our complete release notes are here:

N2 Build 221 – Sequential Projects & UNL

Cue (or queue) the singing angels… we have a Unified Next List. (hooooooooooooo) N2 Build 221 brings with it the ability to filter out everything but true next actions in the global Next view.

Next View Options
next view options

Switching your Next View Options to Unified List now displays:

  • all standalone next actions
  • all next actions from projects marked as parallel
  • only the top-most next action from projects marked as sequential

All you need to do is tell Nirvana whether your projects are parallel or sequential in nature. Here’s what we mean:

Parallel Projects

  • Parallel means tasks can be tackled in any order, or at the same time
  • Project View: tasks are separated by state (next/waiting/scheduled…)
  • Next View: all next items appear

Sequential Projects

  • Sequential means tasks should be done in sequence, e.g. task A must be accomplished before proceeding to task B
  • Project View: tasks are consolidated into one sortable list (except for someday)
  • Next View: only the top most next item is included

Project behavior can be modified via the full project edit view, or by right-clicking on a project in the left navi or main Projects listing.

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 10.40.32 AM
right-clicking is your friend

We’ve been playing with this for about a week and it’s already made a huge difference in providing clarity and reducing clutter.  We hope you like.