iPhone app submitted to AppStore

The Nirvana iPhone app has been submitted to the AppStore for review … and so now we wait for Apple to approve. Fingers crossed! Major props to Mitch, our mobile lead, for getting this done (and for putting up with yours truly’s perfectionist streak), and to all of the beta testers who gave invaluable feedback along the way.


We’ll post an announcement once the app becomes available for download. :-)

iPhone, Android & iPads oh my!

Mitch started a discussion in the forums about where we stand re: mobile apps.  I thought it would be good to cross-post this here for those who want to be in the know, but might not normally participate in the discussion forums.  -Elbert

Mitchell Amihod

January 16, 2012 @ 07:26 PM via web

There’s been a lot of talk about development scheduling of the iPhone, Android & iPad version of Nirvana app. I’d like to share a bit of the thinking behind the approach we’re taking. I’ve recently come on board, and am initially working on the mobile app side of things.

For development, we’re using the Titanium Mobile framework. One of the biggest wins with using Titanium is the fact that it’s javascript powered. Nirvana itself is a web app with all the logic coded up in javascript running client side. A large portion of the code powering Nirvana in your browser can be reused in the native app. This means we don’t have to maintain the logic behind Nirvana on numerous platforms. This is a big win.

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iOS5 throws us a curve ball

So it turns out our mobile web app is broken on iOS5. Errrrrrg. Oh, the timing… here we are relying on the web app to bridge us until our native iOS app is ready, and now we’re 0 for 2. Really didn’t want to invest any more time on the mobile web apps.

Technical: The N2 mobile web app was built with jQTouch as the underlying framework.  jQTouch breaks on iOS5.  Hence, N2 mobile is currently borked on iOS5. Looks like we might be able to port N2 mobile over to jQuery Mobile, now that that project has reached RC1 status. At first blush this looks to be the quickest/easiest path to restoring a mobile option. In theory this would also make N2 mobile available for  a plethora of other devices we have no resources to build native apps for at this time. Trying to find a silver lining here…

No firm ETA, but know that this is a big issue that needs to be addressed pronto.

UPDATE: we have resolved the iOS5 issue
Will be rolling out a new build over the weekend.

N2 Build 215 – Mobile Improvements

N2 build 215 was pushed to production moments ago. The most notable improvements appear in the mobile web app, including list filtering by time, energy, due items and tags. You can also adjust view settings for your focus and next lists, task counts, and (finally) collect completed items to the logbook. We’ve also reduced the logbook history to 2 weeks, mainly to reduce the rendering CPU burden on lower-powered mobile devices.  The logbook when accessed via the desktop browser version remains as it was.

On the desktop side we’ve fixed a number of bugs, most notably the “waiting-for” that would cancel out task editing when trying to assign a contact.  We’ve also restored underlying theming capabilities to bring back the N1 look and feel as an option.

Detailed release notes will be posted soon.

N2 Mobile Context Filtering This Weekend

Context filtering will finally arrive to N2 Mobile this weekend.  We’re going through final testing today / tomorrow, so expect a new build sometime late Saturday or Sunday. Another blog post will follow when it goes live.

This release will also see the restoration of the “white background” look and feel (desktop browser) that many N2 users miss from N1. You will be able to choose between the dark or light themes via the account settings panel.

On another note, some of you may have noticed that we quietly rolled out build 206 last week. This release went out in concert with a new API build, as we continue to wrestle with some edge-case sync issues a few people were experiencing. It was a non-event for most, but we’re glad that the affected accounts are (almost all) back to normal.

And we may be able to squeeze in a few other things if time allows.

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