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N1 has sunset

After more than 3 years and 2 million tasks marked done, N1 has finally been put out to pasture.

For those who’ve been with us since the beginning, including the few thousand people who were still using N1 up until about 45 minutes ago, thanks for all of the feedback. You’ve helped guide the evolution of Nirvana into what it is today.

N2, henceforth to be known simply as “Nirvana” (in our dreams, right?) is now the new baseline. We are looking forward to getting back to the business of building new features into Nirvana without N1 lingering around as a boat-anchor.

We’ve made a herculean effort to transition all of the remaining N1 stragglers as seamlessly as possible, but if you happen to run into any difficulties please reach out to us over at support. Our biggest concern is folks running older versions of Internet Explorer. Nirvana targets the latest Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer… that means IE9. If you are running IE8 your experience will be less than stellar. If you are stuck in a corporate environment with anything less, we sympathize, and truly hope your IT department will accommodate getting you set up with a safe, modern browser such as Chrome.

So, there you have it. An end of an era. Onwards.

New Forums!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve created a new forum for hanging out and discussing all things nirvana, gtd, life/work balance and more.

Think of the new forums as the local pub/cafe where Nirvana fans and the Nirvana team come to hang out and chat, exchange ideas, ponder the state of the world, discuss both deep and frivolous topics, and occasionally blow off some steam. A lot of product ideas get hatched here. Sound like fun? Come join us!

Meeting The Fans: Lasares

Lasares & Elbert

We have been quiet – as we have a tendency of doing – as we’ve been cranking out the next big release (yes we know… it’s be a long time in the works). Today we pleasantly got pulled out from under our headphones and away from our computers as we just had our first office drop in! Nirvana Community regular Lassares (aka Alain Lesage) dropped by to see what was going on, to meet us in person and, to our delight, told us how much he loves Nirvana and how he is happily and patiently waiting for the next release. Must say it’s pretty cool to meet a user face to face.

Thanks for all your Community contributions and for stopping by, Alain! We appreciate it immensely. À la prochaine!

Check out Alain’s Community posts here, and his blog here ->