Everyone Gets Upgraded to N2 – Starting This Friday!

Big News!

Starting this Friday we will begin migrating everyone to the new Nirvana.

If you haven’t seen the new Nirvana in action (affectionately named N2 by our beloved community) you’re in for a treat.

Some N2 highlights:

  • A much polished and faster-than-ever user interface
  • Work without interruption even with an intermittent or no internet connection at all
  • New options for viewing Next and Focus (the list formerly known as Today)
  • Projects can be made Parallel or Sequential
  • Recurring Tasks, Recurring Tasks…

… and much more.

Here’s what you can expect when you log in

  • You’ll be asked to accept our Terms of Service – the standard legalese
  • For most everyone that’s all there is to it. Your data will be instantly transferred to the new Nirvana and you’ll be back to getting things done.
  • If you tried N2 during our pre-release-early-preview phase you will be asked whether you’d like to continue with your existing N1 or N2 data.

Pricing Plans

Nirvana will remain a free service for a few more weeks. After that we will be introducing a 2 tier plan structure: Plus and Basic.

The Plus plan will include all of the features we currently offer, priced at $7 per month or $59 per year for new signups. But here’s the great news: for everyone who’s been part of our beta program we’ll be offering the Plus plan for $5 per month or $49 per year. Awesome sauce.

The Basic plan will be Free, but will restrict you to 2 active projects, 2 weeks of logbook history, and the global Area filtering menu in the left navi will be disabled. Area filtering will still be available via the tag filtering bar in the top navi, however. Not bad for a freebie.

We are considering Team plans for folks who want to signup a group of users at a discount, but this will come a little later.

So what’s the deal with native mobile apps?

We are still a few weeks away from releasing the iOS version, and probably a few weeks more for Android. They will be available in the AppStore and Marketplace for the low low price of $0.00, otherwise known as Free.  :-)  Can’t beat that, right?

More Features to Come

We’ve received a ton of great feedback, and we are actively working to incorporate many of your feature suggestions. If Nirvana has made a positive impact on your life please consider supporting us by opting for the Plus plan. The more people who go Plus the more resources we will be able to devote towards future enhancements.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. Thank you for helping make Nirvana such an amazing product. Onwards!

N2 ♥ Internet Explorer 9

We’ve been running the latest builds in Internet Explorer 9 for a few days now and, gosh darn it, I think we did it. We have N2 working in IE9 without chrome frame! (and it’s surprisingly snappy too)

I was worried for awhile there that we weren’t going to pull this off, which would have meant leaving a significant group of N1 fans—those poor souls who are restricted to using IE at work without admin rights to install anything—stranded after the cutover to N2. This pool is larger than you might think, and it would definitely have had an impact on our ability to gain wide adoption post launch.

It’s looking like we may get IE8 working too, which would be awesome.

For the geeks: Server-side we had work to get the api exposed via the same subdomain as the app, as IE’s default settings block cross-origin resource sharing. Client-side, well, we all know the joys of getting things to render reliably with any level of precision when you’re trying to support the full array of browsers, let alone pushing the envelope of html5 and jquery.

There are a bunch of bug fixes (UNL and Waiting-related, among others) and we added a few nice new features (multi-select-right-click being a big one). Barring any last minute hiccups, we expect to roll this out over the weekend.

N2 Build 269 – Sequential vs Parallel

There is a new account setting for choosing how new projects should be created… either as sequential or parallel.  You can toggle projects between these two modes at any time, but it’s nice to be able to specify the type you use more often.  It wasn’t working, but now it is.  :-)

Account Settings

Account Settings

By the way… we’re experimenting with some code that tells N2 to check for version updates in the background every hour. With any luck build 269 should already been loaded into your cache, so a single refresh should do the trick.

N2 Build 268 – Hotfix for Firefox

If you are running Firefox and having troubles, read on.

Found a weird case with N2 Build 267 where Firefox was loading up without data… just an empty shell.  If you’ve experienced this, Don’t Panic!  :)

Try this first:

  • refresh a few times until you see build 268 or higher

If that doesn’t seem to work:

  • go to the FF options, select the Advanced->Network tab
  • in the box at the bottom you’ll see a text box with “The following websites have stored data for offline use:” and there will be an entry for app.nirvanahq.com — select & remove that entry and click OK to close the options
  • refresh your browser until you see build 268 or higher

refresh until you see build 268 or higher

Props to Dinis for bringing this to our attention and to David for finding the fix.

N2 Build 221 – Sequential Projects & UNL

Cue (or queue) the singing angels… we have a Unified Next List. (hooooooooooooo) N2 Build 221 brings with it the ability to filter out everything but true next actions in the global Next view.

Next View Options

next view options

Switching your Next View Options to Unified List now displays:

  • all standalone next actions
  • all next actions from projects marked as parallel
  • only the top-most next action from projects marked as sequential

All you need to do is tell Nirvana whether your projects are parallel or sequential in nature. Here’s what we mean:

Parallel Projects

  • Parallel means tasks can be tackled in any order, or at the same time
  • Project View: tasks are separated by state (next/waiting/scheduled…)
  • Next View: all next items appear

Sequential Projects

  • Sequential means tasks should be done in sequence, e.g. task A must be accomplished before proceeding to task B
  • Project View: tasks are consolidated into one sortable list (except for someday)
  • Next View: only the top most next item is included

Project behavior can be modified via the full project edit view, or by right-clicking on a project in the left navi or main Projects listing.

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 10.40.32 AM

right-clicking is your friend

We’ve been playing with this for about a week and it’s already made a huge difference in providing clarity and reducing clutter.  We hope you like.

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