Power-Tip: Multi-Select + Drag-n-Drop

Nirvana has a number of “hidden” power features that you may have discovered on your own, or maybe not. In any case, we want you to know about them! So this is the first in a series of blog posts to let you in on features that we couldn’t live without.

Ever wish you could batch-edit a bunch of to-dos? Maybe you’ve wanted to batch-assign tags or move a bunch of to-dos to another place… the short video clip below shows you how.

Hope you found this helpful!

Nirvana Updates

First week out of the gate with our new apps and we’ve been busy adjusting things here and there. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

  • People really missed being able to swipe-right from the left edge of their mobile devices to reveal the side bar… this has been restored and an update (3.0.24) is available for Android. The updated iOS apps have been submitted to the AppStore but are awaiting the green light from the gatekeepers at Apple — hang in there, it’ll show up as an update when they let it through.
  • The back button on Android also behaves a bit more as expected, closing dialog boxes, popup menus, and ultimately exiting the app when you back up all the way to where the app was launched.
  • There was a problem with certain Cyrillic characters intermittently appearing bolded… this has been fixed on Desktop and Android. The iOS updates are, again, pending release by the AppStore, but should be available soon.
  • There was problem with the Signup / Login pages for some users… this has been resolved (to the best of our knowledge). Please let us know if you’re still having problems here.

EDIT Nov 6: The updated iOS app is now available on the AppStore. 🙂

Other frequently raised topics via our support channels included the lack of badges and notification on mobile, no recourse for Windows Phone users (as we removed the mobile web version in lieu of the new mobile apps, but without a Windows Phone solution #NirvanaFail), and some discontent with text being harder to read compared to before.  We’re looking at ways to address all of these issues.

As always, if you run into any issues, think something isn’t quite right, or just want to say hello to the team, shoot us a message via nirvanahq.com/support

Oh, and Happy Halloween everybody!

boo! from the peeps at peoplelikeus / nirvanahq


Nirvana is Getting a Brand New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.45.32 PM

We’ll be introducing the all-new Nirvana in just a few days. It’s taken a lot of hard work and took a lot longer than expected, but we think it was worth the wait, and we’re sure you’re going to love it.

We didn’t change how Nirvana works… why mess with a good thing? Instead we found ways to make it faster and more visually appealing (and consistent!) across devices — iOS and Android, phones and tablets, and of course our original trail-blazing web app for desktop browsers.

What? Change?! Don’t panic! All of your data and how you’ve organized it will remain completely intact — it’ll just be a lot prettier and more pleasurable to work with. Having lived with the new Nirvana as my trusted system for several weeks, I would never want to go back. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.25.05 PM

Our New Look

Everything is cleaner, brighter, and easier to read.  We’ve removed some of the old themes that were holding us back, and made everything “retina-ready” — if you’ve got a high-res display, everything is as sharp as a tack.

Mobile IMG_9211 IMG_9212

New Mobile Apps

We brought all mobile development in-house so that we’d have complete control over our beloved handsets.


New Tablet Apps

Finally! Nirvana runs native on iPad and Android tablets.

We’re eager to get all of this awesomeness into your hands, and we’re now in that agonizing holding pattern where we wait for Apple to approve and release our apps to the AppStore. Once we’ve gotten the green light, we’ll release everything in one fell swoop — new apps for web, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, a new support system and our new website.

EDIT Oct 22: Great news! We just got approval from Apple, so we are gunning for the new site and apps to be up at some point over the weekend (Oct 24-25) when site traffic is at its minimum. Yes!