Bug-Smashing Update

Our newest mobile update is here and it’s all about crushing bugs. Check it out for Android via GooglePlay and for iOS on the AppStore.

Here’s what we fixed in this version:

For everybody:

  • If you created a task from the Focus list and removed the star, it wouldn’t stick. Now the star stays removed.
  • Tags ending in whitespace weren’t staying assigned properly. Fixed.
  • If you closed the app, Nirvana would forget the last area selected. Now it remembers like an elephant.
  • Filtering wouldn’t always show the right options. It does now.

iOS users will also be happy because:

  • Some iOS users were getting the white screen of death. Vanquished.
  • Some iPhone 6+ users were seeing very faint checkboxes. They’re more visible now.

Android users can also be glad that:

  • Long notes aren’t hidden by the keyboard anymore.
  • The device back button is now working properly in the app preferences.

We’ve also de-cluttered the focus email a bit. Starred items from inactive projects were being sent as part of the list. Now they’re not.

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As always, if you’ve got a question or comment, give us a shout at nirvanahq.com/support.


Focus Emails Are Back!

You heard right, we’ve smooshed that bug and Focus emails are up and running again.  Thanks for your patience as we fixed this. The glitch turned out to be a teeny bit of code hiding deep in the system, but we got it. If you’ve set your preferences to receive Focus emails, you should get the next one tomorrow.

In other news, Reference Lists can now be displayed alphabetically in the web app (the same feature was launched for mobile a few days ago). If this is your preference, no more manually re-ordering of your lists required. Enjoy!