April showers bring May updates!

The newest mobile version will be available soon is now available and it includes OTA, fixes, and enhancements- oh my! Grab it for Android via GooglePlay and for iOS on the AppStore. While you’re here, take a look at what’s new:

Nirvana now has OTA (over-the-air) updates. Say what?

Having over-the-air updates means that once an enhancement or fix is ready to go out, you’ll get it on your device right away. No more waiting around between builds.

This means quicker improvements, seamless upgrades, and simple rollback if ever needed. Yay!




Anything else? You bet. We’ve added:

  • ‘About’ and ‘Support’ tabs in Settings. So help and information are now just a tap away.
  • New preferences added to match the features of the web app:
    • Let you see unassigned items when globally filtering by area.
    • Give you the option to assign inbox items to the current area when you move the items to a list.
  • More options for project and reference list assignment. When you filter a list by an attribute, you can now easily add an item from that list to project/reference lists that don’t contain that attribute.
  • Auto-focus to the text field if you open item notes.
  • Better handling of phone numbers, web links, and custom URL schemes (links that open other apps).
  • The option to log a single item and the ability to log all done projects with a tap.



This version also has lots and lots of bug fixes. Like these:

  • If you wanted your week to start on Monday, the days of the month were sometimes wonky. They’re now as they should be.
  • You couldn’t move a reference item to an action list, but now you can make that happen.
  • Long words in notes and long area names were acting strangely. Now they’re nice.
  • The “default” tag colour is now the same shade of grey as the initial tag colour.


Thumbs up! :-)


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As always, if you’ve got a question or comment, give us a shout at http://nirvanahq.com/support.


Power-Tip: Using Recurring Tasks

This feature is one of the perks of being a Nirvana Pro user. You can easily schedule repeating actions so you’ll never forget to get them done. Check out the videos and take a look at the play-by-plays below for more details.

How it’s done in the web app:

  1. Open the task and click on the state (Next, Someday, etc.). From the drop-down menu, select Scheduled, followed by Make Repeating.
  2. Select how often you’d like to create copies of the task (based on a cycle counted in days, weeks, months, or years).
  3. Enter the details of how often you want the task to repeat.
  4. Choose when next to schedule the task and when to end the cycle.

How it’s done in the mobile app:

  1. Open the Details panel of a task. At the bottom-right of the details, tap the cycle icon. This will bring up the Repeat panel.
  2. At the top of this panel, select how often you want to create copies of the action (based on a cycle counted in days, weeks, months, or years).
  3. Enter the details of how often you want the task to repeat.
  4. Choose when next to schedule the task and when to end the cycle.


Giving each copy a due date:

Check Create a due date for each copy/ With Due Dates to set the scheduled date as the due date and decide how far in advance the copies of the task will appear in your Focus list.

Pausing or deleting a cycle before its end date:

To temporarily pause a recurring task cycle, click the icon on the far-left of the task to see the pause symbol. Click the icon again to restart the cycle.

If you want to permanently delete a recurring task cycle before its end date, first pause it, then move it to the Trash.

Now you are a recurring tasks expert!
If you’ve got any questions, contact us at support@nirvanahq.com.