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It’s been a while since we’ve talked, but we’ve not come empty-handed. We’re excited to show you our brand spanking new help resource.

help desk home page

We’ve shared some tips and tricks in the past, but we’re really excited to have one central place to share our knowledge. The team’s been working hard on developing this tool to help users get the most out of Nirvana no matter the situation:

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This is for you and we want your feedback. If you’ve got a suggestion, or see something missing or unclear drop us a line. We want this to be your tool so let us know what you love and how we can make it better.

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Power-Tip: Using the Logbook & Exporting your data

As you get things done, there might come a time when there gets to be a bit much in your Done groups. If you want to clear up your view, you can either click Done to hide the group or move the items to the Logbook where they’ll stay until they’re archived. Here are a few different ways to do it:

1. Manually move items to the logbook:

This lets you move your completed items to the Logbook with a click.

  • Using the web app, press keyboard shortcut C or click Cleanup in the top navigation bar to manually move all of your done items to the logbook.
  • Using the mobile app, tap the checkmark icon to the top-right of the Done group in any list. This will move all of the done items in that list to the logbook.

2. Log selected tasks or projects:

If you don’t want to move everything, take a look in your Done group.

  • In the web app, select the specific item(s) and drag it/them to the logbook (on the sidebar).
  • In the mobile app, swipe the item left and tap the logbook icon .

Logging a single action in the mobile app

3. Auto-collect items to the logbook: 

If things are coming a bit fast and you’d like your completed items to automatically move to the logbook, just select this option from the settings.

  • Using the web app, press keyboard shortcut comma(,) or go to your settings and select Preferences. Under Logbook, choose to have items moved immediately.
  • Using the mobile app, access your settings, tap Log Items and select Immediately.

A note about completed actions in projects:

Actions that are part of a project will remain in its Done group even when they are collected to the logbook. This allows you to keep track of all of the actions involved in completing your project. If you don’t want to see them, click on Done to show or hide the actions. Once the project is completed, the collected actions will stay in the logbook.

hiding the done group

Export your complete item history:

If you want to access more of your history than available in the logbook (30 days worth in the mobile app and 90 days in the web app) or collect your item information to an external file, you can export your data.
The export gives you all of the data from your account except for what you’ve emptied from your trash in one handy package. Here’s how you get it:

  1. Access your settings and click My Account/ Manage Account.
  2. Within the new page, scroll down to the Nirvana 2 Data Export section.
  3. Here, you can choose to export your data as .csv (the most popular format and readable by Excel), .xml, or .json.
  4. open your downloads folder and enjoy!

cat in a box

Power Tip: Concentrating with the Focus list

Focusing items can help you highlight things that need your attention now. They get a star and they appear in the Focus list, which you can have emailed to you daily. It’s a great way to concentrate on what matters, without being distracted by other things that maybe aren’t quite as critical at the moment.

Bruce Lee keeps his focus despite the chaos that surrounds


How to focus items:

You can manually focus any item by clicking the star icon next to it . If you’re using the web app, you can also drag items to your Focus list.

You can automatically focus actions and projects by giving them a scheduled start or due date. When the date arrives, it will appear in your Focus list so you don’t forget.

Due date arrives- item gets focused


Good to know: Starring an item doesn’t move it. The Focus list just shows your starred items in one place, but the items still exist in their original locations.

Getting your Focus list by email:

If you’re worried you’ll forget to check your Focus list, you can have that sent to you first thing in the morning. To set it up:

Access your settings and click My Account/ Manage Account. Within the new page, scroll down to Focus via Email, click Change Days of the Week and make your selections.

Focus email days

Good to know: We’ll send your Focus list to the email address you use to login to Nirvana, so keep an eye out for it there.

This is just one of the ways you can find what you need in Nirvana when you need it. For more information about focusing and filtering to choose your next action, check out our getting started guide.