What we’re up to

Happy New Year!  Here’s a quick update on what’s new in Nirvana land:

We’ve hired two new hotshots, and converted a part-timer to full-time!  Bios will be posted in short order.

We’re working to get back on track with a regular release schedule, for both the desktop browser and mobile versions of the app, of course.

We’re working on infrastructure and capacity planning for growth, particularly critical for supporting the API in a public setting.  (no fail whales please!)

We’re working through a huge backlog of private support requests.

Thanks for being patient while we get things sorted and all of the new staff up to speed.

Introducing our first Nirvana Community Rock Star

We are delighted to announce our very first Nirvana Community Rock Star! Please give a big round of applause for Proximo (aka Damian Castillo).

On his own accord, Proximo has dedicated umpteen hours of his personal time to assist fellow community members—answering questions, posting tips about GTD, creating screen-casts on how he uses Nirvana—and many of his suggestions for feature improvements have already found their way into the live site. He’s been an avid supporter of Nirvana from the get go and has been like another member of the Nirvana Support Crew (often beating us to the punch at answering people’s questions!). We thought it important to acknowledge his past, and his continuing, efforts to support us and the Community as a whole.

A former US Army Soldier, a Computer Aided Design (CAD) admin manager and a family man, we aren’t surprised that he’s disciplined in keeping himself organized and getting things done. We asked Proximo about his search for the ultimate solution to keep organized:

Life can pull at you from many different directions and demands many things from you. GTD showed me how to capture all my commitments, focus clearly, view things from many angles and allow me to make trusted choices at any moment to achieve productivity in a relaxed way.

Although I implemented GTD into my life, I was always struggling with finding a good system I could rely on that would also be easy to use. I tried a bunch of desktop software and on-line services but never found something that was simple, functional that also implemented GTD correctly.

Then I found Nirvana and my search was over.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

To read Proximo’s posts, click: http://help.nirvanahq.com/users/136135
Follow him on Twitter here: @DamianCastillo

Support/Community Responses

Hello everyone,

A quick note to say that while we’ve been monitoring community posts, support requests and tweets while attending SXSW here in Austin, Texas (lovely weather BTW), our ability to respond has been a bit hampered. We’ll be back in the office and at full force later this week. Thanks for understanding.

New Feature: Inline Checklists

Got knocked off the air yesterday (internet can still be a bit flakey in Buenos Aires) so I decided to polish off an old idea that had been hanging on a branch on my local machine for awhile… inline checklists!

inline checklist

inline checklist

Notice that the notes area under the third task has a checklist.  We’re calling them checklists instead of subtasks, as it really is just a checklist of things that I might want to tick off as part of completing a task.  If I required the granularity of context filtering and due dates I might have creating a project with tasks under it, but in this case I just wanted a list of things I needed to consider… and there is something satisfying about checking things off as they are addressed.

Here’s how it works: Nirvana will convert any line in a task note that begins with a “- ” (hyphen space) and will replace it with a checkbox.  Checked items will replace the “-” with an “x” in the notes, and that’s it.

- item one

- item two

- item three

If I were to check items 1 and  2, the task note will be updated as:

x item one

x item two

- item three

If you want to update the list, edit or move things around, click on the task name to bring up the edit dialog and make changes to the notes area.

And that’s all there is to it.  Super simple.

Working on fix for context menus

Wanted folks to know that we are actively working on a fix for the context menus (to the far right of each task) so that they actually work on IE8, and stop slowing things down on all other browsers.

For the technically inclined: the hierarchical menu jquery plugin currently in place works great if you only have a handful of tasks, but starts to really drag its feet as the number of tasks grows.  Think we found an alternative that doesn’t exhibit this behavior.  With any luck it won’t be too involved to swap out the old menus for the new.

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