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Join our Customer Support team!

We’re looking for a passionate and fun-loving person to lead our Customer Support team.

You’ll be working along-side (or within Slack-reach of) Elbert, Sergio and David to bring our customer support to the next level. We’re looking for someone who loves helping others, can keep calm and stay positive even when customers aren’t, and someone with a passion for both Nirvana and the Getting Things Done® methodology.

You need to be an excellent writer who loves writing.  In addition to being able to write clearly and concisely in a friendly tone with our customers, we’d love for you to be a contributor to our blog and social channels.  If this sounds like you, we’ve love for you to apply.

How to apply

Please submit a cover letter explaining:

  • Why you want to work in customer support.
  • Why you want to work at Nirvana and not somewhere else.
  • A description of a great customer service experience you had recently, and what made it great.

We’d prefer someone in Montreal, but if you can make a great case for why you’re the best person for us while working remote, we’re all ears.

Email us at and include “Customer Support Team” in the subject line. If you’re attaching a CV, please include it as a PDF.

BTW, we love it when folks get creative with what they send in.  :-)

New Mobile Apps Almost Here

We have been working hard on our new native apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and Android tablets, and they are quite close to being finished.

Here are some highlights:

  • A new, cleaner look & feel for 2015
  • Inline checklists, just as in the desktop version
  • Faster prioritization (long-press, drag-up/down)
  • Better utilization of screen real-estate for both small and larger devices
  • Search!

And as there have been many requests for screenshots…

We have been leaning on a small subset of beta testers for validation of the code thus far, and hope to widen the pool a bit in the coming days. The list of known issues grows smaller by the day, and we hope to get to a publicly shippable state in the coming weeks.

Really looking forward to getting the new apps in your hands as soon as we can.

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a prosperous and productive 2015 !
We have a number of exciting things coming this year.
Looking forward to announcing them once we’re all back to work next week.