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Power-Tip: Check-lists (aka sub-tasks)

Another power feature of Nirvana is the ability create check-lists (sometimes referred to as sub-tasks) inside your action notes. Use check-lists for things you need to remember as part of an action, entered as separate lines inside the notes field, each line beginning with a dash.

For Example,

New Action: Call Mom

Don’t forgot to discuss…
– flight # and arrival time
– gifts for the grand kids
– where she’d like to go for dinner

Hit Save, and lines beginning with a dash will render as check-boxes.

That said, if you need multiple actions to get to “done” you should really create a proper project with actions inside — all-the-better to keep your contexts, energy levels and focus/states current and your GTD system clean, clear and under control.

Happy Holidays from Team Nirvana

We hope you’re enjoying time with family and friends. :-)  We’ll be back at it soon, but for a few days we’re gonna focus on not getting things done. Happy Holidays!

our christmas lego village, accurately reflecting the lack of snow in montreal