About Us

Getting Things Done® should be delightful and fun.

Nirvana is built by the folks at PeopleLikeUs in lovely Montreal, Canada. (bonjour!)  We are bootstrapped and profitable, and with over 100,000 users we are delighted to be helping people, in our own little way, to find a better work-life balance through GTD and the Nirvana apps we’ve lovingly refined over the years.

If you are a seasoned practitioner of the GTD® methodology we think you’ll feel right at home with Nirvana. And even if you’ve never heard of GTD®, we’ve been told by countless people that Nirvana is simple to use and quickly becomes a powerful tool in helping to maintain a state of calm in this rather noisy world.

Standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, we’ve borrowed what we think are the best ideas others have implemented, refined them and added a dash of awesome to create what we’ve always wanted in a GTD app — and then put it in the cloud.

We hope you like using Nirvana as much as we do.