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It’s been a while since we’ve talked, but we’ve not come empty-handed. We’re excited to show you our brand spanking new help resource.

help desk home page

We’ve shared some tips and tricks in the past, but we’re really excited to have one central place to share our knowledge. The team’s been working hard on developing this tool to help users get the most out of Nirvana no matter the situation:

information going into a head

This is for you and we want your feedback. If you’ve got a suggestion, or see something missing or unclear drop us a line. We want this to be your tool so let us know what you love and how we can make it better.

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  1. Eric Schultz

    I really like the idea of NirvanaHQ but there’s a few things holding me back from abandoning Evernote (in which I have implemented a GTD system following a couple guides and my own hacking).

    1. A chrome extension like Evernote’s web clipper! I use that all the time and I’m not sure I could switch to anything else that doesn’t have that.

    2. All Notes fields need to support formatted text, but especially Reference items. Built-in markdown support would be nice, but just use tinyMCE (or something like it).

    3. References need folders, so I can organize all my notes. I know I can tag them, but Folders would let me navigate more effectively to the Reference material I’m looking for.

    4. I’d like to re-arrange the Actions so they are more chronological. I.e.:
    Soon (new – I use this for things like summer ideas I think of in the fall, so they have a specific time frame but not a scheduled date)
    Scheduled (I rarely need to see this, they should pop when they’re scheduled)

    5. In the left side-bar Tags should have a more distinct visual split between the three types

    Thanks. I really look forward to ditching Evernote for a real GTD system. The sooner the better!!!

    • Charlotte

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure the suggestions are passed on to the team.
      One thing I’d like to mention is that we do have a sort-of Soon list option. We call it Later and you can choose whether or not you’d like to use it from your preferences.
      Thanks again for the suggestions.
      All the best.

  2. David Drake

    Thanks for the new post! I will explore this. Nirvanahq rocks! THE best GTD application. 🙂

    • Charlotte

      Thanks David! Please let us know what you think of the guide as you explore. I’m curious to hear what people think. ​Have a great day. 🙂

  3. Igor

    Hope this Glossary will reveal smth for newbies 🙂

    Thanks guys for doing such great system (and first system I’m ready to pay for).

    Nirvana is first real GTD manager that I’ve found for about a year of wandering and using Google Keep as GTD (which isn’t really helpful for it).
    Wish you a great development!

    • Charlotte

      Thanks Igor! I’m glad that you’ve found us and that you’re enjoying Nirvana. Yes, I hope it will be helpful. Though as a new user, you may find the Quick Guide the most helpful. Please let us know what you think as you explore the new resource.
      All the best. 🙂

  4. Jake

    * The mobile app needs notifications.
    * The mobile app would be nice if it had a focus list widget.
    * markdown in descriptions is a good idea, but in a very light (paper.dropbox.com) style, not an over-the-top solution like TinyMCE.
    * Chrome extension is totally a waste of developer time.

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for your feedback Jake.
      I’ll make sure these are passed on to the team to review.
      All the best.


    I like Nirvana and all functions. I think if we have time/energy it could be good to add some statistic info – how many tasks were completed / time spend in a week, in a month. Average productivity. Maybe even best productivity time.

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for the suggestions. Those are some interesting ideas. I pass them on to the team to consider for the future.
      All the best.

  6. Robert Kok

    Nirvana for GTD always has been one of the best GTD apps. As a previously critical customer I now very much like the new Interface and iOS app.

    For me there are two features I miss every day:

    Most important for me is friction less capture. On iOS this can be solved by implementing a share extension. On Mac OS a service or app with quick keys so I can quickly capture anything.

    For reducing buckets and to be able to plan the week ahead I would love to see integration with Google Calendar so I only have to manage one calendar and can see all my Nirvana for GTD due dates next to my calendar appointments.

    Third, I would welcome collaboration by being able to delegate tasks to other Nirvana users or being able to share my tasks.

    The Quick Guide looks awesome! I’ll take a look and let you know what I think.

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for your feedback Robert.

      I’m glad that you like the new interface and appreciate your suggestions for further improvements. I can understand how these could be helpful. Calendar integration is something we’ve thought about for the future as is being part of the share sheet.

      For clarity and control, Nirvana was designed as a single user system, but we understand that people would like to be able to collaborate. We’ve thought about potentially adding collaboration features in the long-term, but there are no immediate plans to do so. I wonder if you might currently find “email this” in conjunction with email to inbox useful for sending tasks to another user.

      Yes, please let me know what you think of the Quick Guide and let me know if you’ve any other questions.
      All the best.

      • Robert Kok

        I understand Nirvana has been designed as a single user system and that a task management tool is not for managing calendar events.

        Email this works great. I also is easy to import into workflowy and share it from there 😉

        I’m working through the Quick Guide and I’ll send all findings by email.

        • Charlotte

          I’m glad you’ve found a method that works for you.
          Thanks, I’ll definitely appreciate the feedback.

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