New Stuff – Tag Colors, ETA to Done, Search Improvements

Well this took longer than anticipated.  The update should apply itself automatically with a browser refresh.

What’s New?

  • Assign colors to your tags. This makes for nice, quick visual cues when scanning lists of actions. Assign colors to existing tags by right-clicking on them, either in the main window, the context bar, or when manging tags via the tag library dialog.


  • Find out how much time you need to complete a series of actions. Assuming you’ve assigned estimated Time (effort) required to complete your actions, you can now multi-select + right-click and look in the popup menu to see a quick tally of the time necessary to get to done


  • Search Improvements – searching on multiple words (that don’t appear next to each other) will return results as expected. Note, we’ve removed Logbook results to help speed things up. If you really need to find something in your Logbook, start your search with “in:logbook” followed by whatever search terms you desire. example – “in:logbook adam work” → et voila.

What else?

  • Long-running action/project names no longer bleed into UI elements from the right-side. This glitch used to manifest itself mainly for people with smaller screens, but hey, we have nothing against small screens.
  • Creating a new action in Focus / grouped by state / while filtered for Due items now works as intended. Used to be that pressing hotkey N wouldn’t display the “New Action” UI properly. Now it does.
  • As a first step towards overhauling our login towards a unified system, some login URLs have changed. But as we’ve placed redirects in all of the appropriate places, any existing bookmarks should continue to work fine.

Under the hood

This release is built on jQuery 2. It’s been many many months in the making (porting) and includes significant code refactoring for better performance across all browsers.


  1. Mike

    I love the tag colors, that has already come in really handy. Thanks for the nice detailed blog post as well!

  2. Mark Hursh

    Love seeing the improvements – keep them coming!

  3. Brian Urso

    I already can’t imagine Nirvana without the tag colors. They are very useful to my workflow!

    I hope these updates and ones like this one begin showing up more often. Thanks!

  4. I am most excited to simply have an update, but the features themselves are great. Thank you!!!

  5. Anders

    Many thanks! Great updates – so far I have elaborated with the colors that really helps to give a clearer overall view. It is very nice to see some movement from you again 🙂

  6. David

    Really appreciate the text wrapping thing! I’m sure I’ll come to appreciate the color tags and other improvements, but the wrapped text thing is a huge thing for me right away! I like to use long project names that are action oriented, and the same with my tasks. So I frequently have (correction – had!) this problem with the text for these two overwriting each other.


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