1. shirundo

    please, please include offline mode asap!

  2. Adam

    @shirundo, notice the airplane mode indicator in the screenshot? 😉

  3. ArtyHedgehog

    Very on time for me! Just have tried your great app and was really upset about mobile version unavailability.

    Hope it soon will be just so handy and powerful as web version is! =)

  4. Jeremy

    Where is it? I can’t find it on the Play Store?

  5. josef

    dont really get it…
    is the app out there?
    cant find it
    waiting for it

    ; )

  6. Eric

    Laura, it’s great to know it’s coming but the timeline is too vague. Should we be expecting something in October? Later Q4? 2014?

  7. Joel

    I completely agree with Eric’s comment above.

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