System Maintenance

We will be moving some things around this evening, starting around 9 PM Eastern. Parts of Nirvana may go offline for brief windows, but if you’re already logged in before we start, chances are you won’t notice anything. Will update this post as time frames firm up.


  1. David Drake

    Best of luck, folks. I hope all goes smoothly!

  2. Smooth sailing. We have some more to do tomorrow (saturday) night, but so far so good.

  3. David Drake

    Sounds great! Hope it goes well tonight and all vest wishes!

  4. David Drake

    How did Saturday night go? I hope the infrastructure work is going well!

  5. Moving right along… in stages of course. If no one notices, that means we’re doing a good job. 🙂 We have plenty of capacity for now, but we’re working to get out ahead of things before our backs are up against a wall. That’s never any fun, eh?

  6. David Drake

    Hi Elbert,

    So what’s up? You have gotten eerily quiet again…

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