Email to Inbox via Bcc:

We’ve been working on this for awhile, and we’re happy to announce that you can now direct email to your Nirvana Inbox as a Bcc: recipient.  🙂

Say what?  OK, in case you didn’t know, Nirvana lets you create actions by email. When you send an email to your Nirvana account, the email subject becomes the action’s name, and the email body becomes the action’s notes. You can find your Inbox address on your Nirvana account dashboard, or by selecting Getting Started from the pulldown menu on the top-right of the screen (when you’re logged in to

While you could always send yourself an email as a normal To: or Cc: recipient, you can now include your Nirvana inbox address using the Bcc: field, which comes in handy when you’re sending an email to someone and want to send a copy to your Nirvana Inbox without your recipients knowing about your Nirvana Inbox email address.

An added bonus: this also means that you can set up forwarding rules in mail apps such as Gmail to (for example) automatically forward incoming email with specific search patterns to also arrive in your Nirvana inbox.

Very cool.

If you have any handy use-cases or tricks for using bcc, please be sure to share the knowledge.  🙂

Update – Reminder:

For those folks that have been with us for a while – if you are still using the old Email-to-Inbox addresses pointing to the domain, you need to make sure you update to use the domain (the portion of the address prior to the @ symbol remains the same).   The .com addresses had been deprecated for some time, but with this change are no longer valid.


  1. Oh, and forgot to mention, support for attachments is coming soon. Also working on a syntax for auto-tagging actions with meta info, such as contexts, effort, dates and such.

  2. Folke


    For years, I have had the habit of copying today’s calendar events to my task list. This reduces the “work” of flicking back and forth between calendar and task list throughout the day, and, most of all, it reduces the risk of thereby overlooking something important.

    With the new bcc feature I no longer have to manually copy today’s calendar events or manually forward email reminders about them. All I need to do now is star them when they arrive in Nirvana’s inbox.

    I have found that an email reminder from the calendar about 15 hours before the event is usually just nice. This means all today’s events will be ready for me in the Nirvana inbox in the morning, and I usually do not have to see any of tomorrow’s events before the evening.

    Using bcc for outgoing emails that you will need to follow up on (Waiting For) is super handy.

  3. Zdeno

    bcc – great news, thank you!

    If I send an email with attachments as bcc to Nirvana, it would be fine to see the info in Nirvana task note – for example: “2 attachment from the email were removed”.

  4. Bernard

    Yea!!!! Congrats for cracking that one 🙂 🙂

    thanks again,

  5. Relevart

    This is great! Thanks!
    Now I know what BCC is 🙂

  6. Kevin Young

    This is great! Thanks so much for the update!

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