Early Adopters: Last Day!

This blog post is for folks who’ve been with Nirvana since the early days of development.

Today is the last day to convert your account to Nirvana Plus for $29/year !

Be sure to login to your account and go Plus for uninterrupted service. Otherwise your account will be converted to Nirvana Basic tomorrow — which means that while you will still have access to all of your data, and you will still be able to create and edit tasks, you may not be able to create new projects (if you are over the Nirvana Basic limits).

Here is the support article that describes all of this in detail.

Please consider upgrading right now!


  1. MarcinGTD

    yes yes, you got your money (from me too).
    Now where are the updates like smart lists?

  2. WaitingHere

    Paid user here, now waiting for an Android app so I can actually use it!

  3. KKW

    I’m afraid I won’t consider paying a subscription for this type of application. More than happy to pay a one-off for the apps, though. Talking of which, when is the Android app out?

  4. Just wanted to say great job guys!

    You have worked so hard for so long and now its time to reap the rewards you deserve.

    Don’t worry about all the “where is feature X” or “Where is platform y” people. They will always be out there. Just keep focusing on doing great work and the rewards will come!


  5. Robb Hurst

    This is the best gtd program out there for running my business!!! I am excited to pay for it as a raving fan!!!!!!

    I still cannot get pmt to go through on my debit card. Could it be an issue with credit card vs debit card in the payment system? I can do paypal on my personal but then have to request reimbursement from company.

  6. shawn

    Waiting for Android, Subtasks and Evernote integration – then I will have Nirvana!

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