Now accepting PayPal

Just a quick post to let folks now that Nirvana now accepts PayPal, in addition to Visa and Mastercard, for those wishing to upgrade to Nirvana Plus. Thanks to Dave for working tirelessly to make this happen, and to everyone who has already upgraded!


  1. lolmaus

    [usual where-is-the-Android-version whining]

  2. DavidN

    I tried to upgrade via PayPal since Thursday but PayPal keeps saying “At this time, we are unable to process your request.” Is this a PayPal thing or rather a Nirvana thing? Any chance to get fixed til… well Sunday? 😉

  3. @DavidN – Are you per chance in Germany? Just a long shot… as we recently leaned that paypal has a bug preventing recurring payments there. :- If you haven’t already, please open a ticket over in and we’ll try and help you out.

  4. DavidN

    @Elbert – Indeed that’s the case. Just opened a ticket. Thx

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