iPhone app: still waiting on Apple…

We submitted our app for review on June 29 then waited for about 10 days before Apple started actually reviewing what we’d submitted. Perhaps everyone there went on vacation for the July 4 weekend.

This week it’s been back and forth with them trying to explain why we require an email address as part of the registration process for new users.

Apple’s stance is that a simple username should suffice.

Now, looking at the Nirvana iOS app in isolation you can (sort of) see why they are barking about this… spammers and privacy concerns and such. Clearly they are not factoring in the whole Nirvana web-app / multi-device / cloud sync eco system. (Evernote, anyone?) They don’t know who we are so they are being risk-averse and conservative.

Adding to the frustration is that we make our case and then wait a full day for a response. Apple says no again, so we make our case yet again with more backing arguments, and wait another day for a response… and round and round we go.

The list of productivity apps that require email address as part of registration is pretty significant, and all of the major players need this for, if nothing else, password recovery. Pretty standard stuff you’d think.

I’ve been patiently letting this process play out as these seem to be the normal hoops everyone goes through on first app submission. That said, if we don’t get the green light by end of day I’m going to call in some favors as this is starting to feel a bit ridiculous.

We’ll see.

Thanks for your patience everyone.


  1. Stephen

    Sorry to hear about the delays. Hope they approve it soon.

  2. glacier

    Um, yeah Apple, and how about some of the largest companies with entries in the App Store, facebook and Google? They require e-mail addresses too. Sheesh, even APPLE IDs aren’t IDs at all, but have traditionally been (and still are, I believe) e-mail addresses. What hypocrites.

    I wish you guys luck – I’m anxiously awaiting the app’s release!

  3. I sympathize and wish you good luck.
    Have a great week-end, too. It’s going to be hot, here in Montreal!

  4. Cletus

    Should have gone with Android first and I would already have it on my phone 😉

    Seriously, great job with the product and I hope this process smooths out for you. I also can’t wait to see it on my Nexus.

  5. Heath

    I can’t believe this…. they just approved an App for the website Slice that grants access to a users email address to collect data about online purchase transactions. That basically gives the developers of Slice the ability to sift through your entire email program. If they let that through, I’m not sure why they are giving you guys a hard time. At this rate I’m not sure how in the world they got so many Apps in the App store. Good luck. I really like your product and I would definitely pay for it. Hang in there.

  6. JK

    I understand the frustration over Apples requirements but sometimes the easiest thing is to just adapt.

    Why is it necessary to use email adresses as login in the app, when the current login to the web app is by username?

  7. Tony

    JK: guessing that email address is required for registration (as it is w/ the web app), not necessarily for login.

    Email registration is such a norm that it’s surprising they’d take an issue with it. How annoying. Oh well, itll surely get approved. Can’t wait to download the app!

  8. Dimitris

    When can we expect approval.

    Best gtd I have seen so far. Need that iphone app soon.


  9. It sounds pretty tedious, and quite surprising that they won’t let it through because of that. I hope there’s better news this week and Apple gives you some slack – I can’t wait to get my hands on the iOS app!

  10. paul

    Perhaps the strategy is to delay NirvanaHQ as much as possible while Apple copies code and integrates this amazing product into the next version of iOS.

    Looking forward to shelling out some cash for the amazing product you guys have created.

  11. meeech

    jk: The most basic reason why its needed- how else can we reset your password for you if you lose it?

  12. JK

    meeech: I wasn´t thinking about the option to sign up for a new account from within the app without going to a web browser. I get why that is important.

    It does seem a little arbitrary what Apple decides to turn against..

  13. Ken

    Good luck with this! I’ll be Zen and patient, I swear…

  14. Kaitlyn

    Any more word from Apple on how the review process is going?

  15. @Kaitlyn – We have submitted an appeal to the AppStore Review Board, and someone from Apple should be contacting me directly soon. Will keep y’all posted.

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  17. Rebecca

    I have had to submit an appeal before. Big pain but, worth it. I still prefer the iOS interface vs android. I develop for both so I sympathize. You will get it released soon and then I will use it.

  18. OCNice

    The anticipation is killing me!! Can we get some screenshots to tide us over?

  19. Ken

    +1 for screen shots. Would also like to know if the native version allows FULL view of task notes. The current mobile app cuts off some of my lengthier notes. Really looking forward to the iOS release!

  20. Ram

    Yes, I would like to see some screenshots too!!

  21. radarpi

    Can’t help myself looking into the AppStore everyday on the new releases for Productivity category and searching for Nirvana….. And then back to the WF state. =(

    +1 Screenshots please!

    And thanks to the whole team and testers for your hard work!

  22. George

    I love GTD. I really really like Nirvana and I really really like Zendone. Both have great features. Would love to see Nirvana integrate Evernote as has Zendone and would also love integration with google (gmail contacts and calendar). That would be amazing. I am waiting to see who gets an Android app first. That app will win me over for good. With more Android users than iPhone, why does everyone push the iPhone first?
    Anyway, I’ve been patient up ’till now, guess I can wait a little longer. And of course, since it’s still in Beta (and free) who am I to complain? Come on Nirvana! I’m rooting for ya! Get ‘er done!

  23. Heath

    What’s up? What’s the status of the iPhone app?

  24. Tony

    Going to poop my pants from disappointment and frustration if it’s not approved next week.

  25. JK

    Last night I dreamt that Nirvana announced that the Amiga 500 version was completed and I thought it was really stupid that they put so much work into that when the iPhone version still isn´t finished. I was really frustrated.

  26. I’m going on vacation. Maybe I’ll see Apple there and encourage them to get it in gear.

    Good Luck! Looking forward to the new app!

  27. radarpi

    Finally!!!!!!!! Just downloaded it from the AppStore!! It looks beautiful, I am so happy!!!
    Now let’s GTD like never before in my life!
    Thanks a lot team!!!

  28. @radarpi glad you like! major kudos to @meeech for a great 1.0 release. and i’ll give kudos to myself for keeping my cool and professionalism with the back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with apple. 🙂

  29. Kaitlyn

    Very excited it finally got through! However, I downloaded it and it keeps telling me my password/username is wrong. I’ve entered it numerous times, tried it on the web app (where it went through no problem) but am still having a problem on the native app. Has anyone else had this problem? I really want to start using the app seeing as my job has me on the road so often!

  30. @Kaitlyn – I’m guessing that you’re still on the old old Nirvana… do you have a “Today” list in the left navi? If so you’ll need to migrate to the newer nirvana. Please open a request on http://support.nirvanahq.com and we’ll help you out!

  31. Kaitlyn

    Got it! Make sure you’re using username that you made when you first signed up for your account and not email. Works perfectly! The app looks great so far! I can’t wait to really explore it. Great job Nirvana team 🙂

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