iPhone app submitted to AppStore

The Nirvana iPhone app has been submitted to the AppStore for review … and so now we wait for Apple to approve. Fingers crossed! Major props to Mitch, our mobile lead, for getting this done (and for putting up with yours truly’s perfectionist streak), and to all of the beta testers who gave invaluable feedback along the way.


We’ll post an announcement once the app becomes available for download. 🙂


  1. Nice one! I saw you’re porting the iPhone app to Android, back in April. Any thoughts on when that may be ready for release?

  2. Phil

    Congrats guys! It was an honor to take part in the beta.

  3. Proximo

    Congratulations on hitting an important Milestone. Mitch has been great with his quick response to issues during the beta and polishing things up.

    I know this will make many happy. Once your done working on the mess called “Android” you can focus back on the iPad version. 🙂

  4. David Drake

    Congratulations, Nirvana team. I echo Phil and Proximo’s comments. It was an honor to be a Beta tester and Mitch IS the best!

    Please hurry up and finish the Android version….so we can get an iPad app!!

  5. Alain Lesage

    Great news! Congrats to the whole team. And have a wonderful long week-end!

  6. ahmad

    Finally, Great

    since 2 months i was visiting your blog daily base , just for getting this done 🙂

  7. Tony

    Much deserved congrats to everyone. Relief all around. Phew. Can’t wait to try it out.

  8. Hoobsy

    I am so curios .. Missed the Beta program and that is twice as Hard for an iOS Dev 😉 thumbs up for Review !

  9. Martin

    Can you please at least edit the mobile website, so it would work with IE on Windows Phone? I’m not telling you to make WP app, the market share is really low, but the website would be great.

  10. CS Merritt

    This looks very promising. Great work!
    I’m currently switching from iPhone to a Galaxy S3 and must find a replacement for Appigo’s Todo.

    This works great, and it looks like the mobile version might satisfy until an Android app comes along. Thanks!

  11. Klaas Bergers

    YES! Making My first steps with Nirvana 2. I’m in 😉 ! Really like it. Now let’s see the app!

  12. Sellaro

    Any feedback on this? How long should we anxiously wait for the Apple guys to publish the app on the store?

  13. Danger

    Apparently it’s 7 days on average. So possibly friday..

  14. Ram

    Usually it takes around 2 weeks for app approval. I understand that the app was submitted on 21st June for review. Most probably tomorrow or on Friday if the app review process is successful.

  15. Ken

    I just looked for it, didn’t find it, yet!

    I’m not being very Zen about this… LOL

  16. Sellaro

    Thanks, folks. Looking forward to installing this new app on my iPad.

  17. Nikolay

    Looking forward for Android app!

  18. David Drake

    Any news? And for us Beta testers, should we remove our current Beta app and replace it with what will be in the Apple store?

  19. Ken

    I’m still not being very Zen. Since this announcement, I’ve done a search everyday in the App Store for “nirvana”, and I’ve looked at blog.nirvanahq.com everyday too!

    Looking forward, perhaps too much 🙂

  20. KA

    I’ve looked in the App Store and on this blog page at least 100 times since this entry was put up.

  21. BB

    I’ve looked in the App Store, as well as on this blog page at least 50 times since this entry was put up.

  22. The Good News: the app is being reviewed by humans at Apple right now

    The Other News: we need to dance a bit… something about our registration process… will post again when we have something concrete.

  23. KKW

    When it does finally get approved by the guys in California, what name should we be searching for (just ‘Nirvana’?) and in what category (Productivity?) and in which app store (global?)? ta!

  24. KKW

    Oh and a tip: create a ‘scheduled’ task called ‘download Nirvana app’ for 13/07 as Apple’s SLA is two weeks for reviews (or even a ‘waiting for”Apple’ task 🙂

  25. Mattias

    Quite incredibly slow development, reminiscent of Cultured Code ..

  26. Sellaro


    Any news? I appreciate that the review process is going on, but there should be more info here stating the status.

    What about a daily update post?

  27. Michael

    I’m an App developer and have been through the process they are going through now several times — it’s not fair to compare what they are doing to Cultured Code. Cultured Code sat on their hands for years. Once you submit the App there’s not a thing you can do but wait. It’s all in Apple’s court. And, the first time you submit an app – as they are doing now – it’s almost certain it will be rejected for some subtle, difficult to predict reason. When you fix it – guess what? You get to sit and wait again. So, the daily update would be “Waiting for Apple…” day after day (after day).

  28. Elbert

    @Michael – You are exactly right.

    Today’s update is “Waiting on Apple.”

    We submitted the app for review on June 29 then waited for about 10 days before Apple started actually reviewing what we’d submitted. It seems everyone went on vacation for an extended July 4 weekend.

    This week it’s been back and forth with them trying to explain why we require an email address as part of the registration process for new users.

    Apple’s stance is that an anonymous username should suffice.

    Now, looking at the Nirvana iOS app in isolation you can (sort of) see why they are barking about this… spammers and privacy concerns and such. Clearly they are not factoring in the whole Nirvana web-app / mult-device / cloud sync eco system. (Evernote, anyone?) They don’t know who we are so they are being risk-averse and conservative.

    Adding to the frustration is that we make our case and then wait a full day for a response. Apple says no again, so we make our case yet again with more backing arguments, and wait another day for a response… and round and round we go.

    The list of productivity apps that require email address as part of registration is pretty significant, and all of the major players need this if for nothing else, password recovery. Pretty standard stuff you’d think.

    I’ve been patiently letting this process play out as this seem to be the normal hoops everyone goes through on first app submission. That said, if we don’t get the green light by end of day, I’m going to call in some favors with former colleagues of mine who sit pretty high up there in Apple management. I’d rather not, but this is getting ridiculous.

    We’ll see.

    EDIT: I re-posted this comment as a new blog entry a few moments ago for folks who mainly follow the blog through RSS feeds. Somewhat redundant I know, but hey.

  29. Sellaro

    Elbert: Your update is much appreciated. Thank you for letting us know.

    I understand that the bureaucracy is amazing and, many times, absolutely unjustified. But please consider that many of us do not have the simplest idea about this app approval process. For the the regular dummy (hi there, that’s me!), silence means “nothing is happening”.

    Good vibrations for you guys at Nirvana HQ. I hope you get through this bureaucratic wall soon.

  30. Dan

    I have just (finally) finished reading GTD so I’m all set for a native Nirvana app!

    Hope the approval process moves a bit faster for you all now. Thanks for the updates.

  31. Greg

    The web app is truly impressive.
    Excited to see what you guys have built for iOS!

    I held off on switching from Palm to iPhone for quite some time, mainly due to the “walled garden” mentality. I’ve mostly been happy with the platform, but this situation makes my skin crawl.

    Challenging an eagerly-awaited productivity app for _using an email address for login_?! Ridiculous doesn’t begin to describe it and it makes me nervous to have invested in the Apple ecosystem. That’s a level of meddling that seems totally inappropriate and out of line with their customers’ best interests. I had assumed the app review process was mainly concerned with weeding out malicious or poor quality apps, not dictating tech design details.

    Good luck guys!

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