N2 Build 457 – Insert New Tasks Wherever You Like

N2 Build 457 went live moments ago.  And in our never-ending quest to create the most enjoyable and useful app known to GTDkind, Nirvana’s got some new tricks!

Create new tasks at the TOP of a list

  • via hot key combo Shift + N
  • via rapid entry field with Shift + Enter

Create new tasks in the MIDDLE of a list

  • by Shift + Clicking on an existing task’s drag-handle (or any whitespace)
    a new task will be inserted just above the one clicked

In addition, there were a host of bug fixes which you can read about over here.

Happy weekly-reviewing everyone.


  1. Really glad to see this! Makes things so much smoother with less scrolling. Thanks!

  2. Pinguthepenguin

    Great feature…but when can we expect to see the iphone app coming out? Can we even find out what stage it is at? Is it being approved by apple or has it not even been submitted?

  3. David

    @Pinguthepenguin – we tend to use the Blog for announcements. If you’d like to stay abreast of current status and on-going discussions, I invite you to join our new forums at: http://forums.nirvanahq.com

    If you look under the mobile category you’ll see a post from a couple days ago about the status.


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