Notice to Chrome and Safari users!

We just updated our SSL certificates. But because Nirvana uses html5 offline caching, and because Chrome (erroneously) caches SSL credentials, we needed to trigger a cache refresh from our servers. You will see the “Nirvana has been updated… please reload!” message. Reload and all will be good.

(There wasn’t really an update, but this was the best way to get everyone’s offline cache up to date)

Note to Safari users: sorry you got caught up in this workaround for Chrome… there really was no need to refresh your cache, but we didn’t have a way to target only the Chrome users. Oh the internets…


  1. David Drake

    Sounds good — hope you and all of the Nirvana team are well. Best wishes!


  2. Alain Lesage

    Gives me the opportunity to say hello. Have a nice week! and thanks always for Nirvana.

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