What’s Up

We’ve been heads down for a few weeks getting the iPhone (iPod) app ready for prime time.  We’ve had more than a few inquiries as to why the silence on the blog. We tend to congregate over on the discussion forums and twitter, only to neglect our lovely blog here. Our bad.

So, here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • Polishing up the iPhone app for App Store approval
  • Begin porting the work we’ve done for iPhone app to Android
  • Mobile web app overhaul for compatibility with more devices (win, bb)
  • Preliminary work on iPad app
  • Preliminary work on getting references lists into the app
  • Migrating support to Zendesk (a better system for our current needs)
  • Integrating with Chargify for simple monthly/annual subscription plans
  • Incorporating Nirvanahq, Inc as a separate entity from PLU Communications, Inc for cleaner accounting vis-a-vis Chargify
  • Setting up our new merchant account for billing (dependency: Nirvanahq, Inc)
  • Resurrecting our Facebook presence
  • Looking into alternate sign-in for users via google, facebook, twitter
  • Updating our on-ramp experience… getting started video needs to be re-done, faqs need updating etc.

We also quietly removed the need for invite codes last month, effectively making Nirvana open-signup, and have almost doubled our active user-base since that time.

We’re almost there, we’re almost there…


  1. Michael

    It was nowhere said, but re-migration from V1 to V2 started working again.

  2. David Drake

    Great news, Elbert! This all sounds fantastic. :))


  3. @Michael – true dat.

    For folks still on N1 looking to migrate to N2, please visit https://account.nirvanahq.com/migration

    We will be sunsetting N1 soon, incrementally migrating N1 users over to N2 at login. But for those who want to do this on their own schedule, or simply don’t want to wait, now you know how to do it. 🙂

  4. Phil

    Bravo! Sounds and looks like you guys have been busy.

  5. lolmaus

    Great news!

    Waiting for Android version anxiously!

  6. Thank you for the update. The future looks bright 🙂

    I’ve only been using Nirvana for a few weeks but so far it seems I made the right choice in terms of picking a GTD system. Hopefully paid plans will be attractive.

  7. Ryan

    Seems like you could replace that date with a date several months prior and the issues would be the same, no?

  8. Pinguthepenguin

    Any idea when the iPhone version will be coming out?

  9. Ram

    I have used many GTD systems and I must say that Nirvana is quite good. I’m a big fan of Wunderlist, and I find that Nirvana is much better is getting things done.

    But I am usually on the move and would like to have a good iPhone app to complement the web app. Hopefully the iPhone App will not disappoint.

    When will the iPhone app be out? Or is it possible to be a Beta tester for the app? Would love to give some feedback and suggestions.

  10. Igor

    Thank you for your work. My opinion is that Nirvana app is the best solution for GTD ever. I’m wondering that day when it will be Nirvana app for Android Tablet 7′.

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