Monthly archives of “April 2012

What’s Up

We’ve been heads down for a few weeks getting the iPhone (iPod) app ready for prime time.  We’ve had more than a few inquiries as to why the silence on the blog. We tend to congregate over on the discussion forums and twitter, only to neglect our lovely blog here. Our bad.

So, here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • Polishing up the iPhone app for App Store approval
  • Begin porting the work we’ve done for iPhone app to Android
  • Mobile web app overhaul for compatibility with more devices (win, bb)
  • Preliminary work on iPad app
  • Preliminary work on getting references lists into the app
  • Migrating support to Zendesk (a better system for our current needs)
  • Integrating with Chargify for simple monthly/annual subscription plans
  • Incorporating Nirvanahq, Inc as a separate entity from PLU Communications, Inc for cleaner accounting vis-a-vis Chargify
  • Setting up our new merchant account for billing (dependency: Nirvanahq, Inc)
  • Resurrecting our Facebook presence
  • Looking into alternate sign-in for users via google, facebook, twitter
  • Updating our on-ramp experience… getting started video needs to be re-done, faqs need updating etc.

We also quietly removed the need for invite codes last month, effectively making Nirvana open-signup, and have almost doubled our active user-base since that time.

We’re almost there, we’re almost there…

We will be Migrating to a New Support System This Week!

We wanted to let you know that we’ll be transitioning to a new support service during this week.

Ooops! You probably figured that out if you received an email from my Sandbox testing a few minutes ago…

I forgot to turn off a ‘Welcome’ email flag on the sandbox system when I was testing the user transfer routine – sorry about that.

You will get another one from the “live” user transfer shortly [without the SANDBOX as it were].

Why are we doing this?

It’s partly about time-saving so we can handle your questions and problems faster; that plus improved ticket tracking, analytics, and being able to support multiple channels of communication from a single source. Web, Email, Twitter, Facebook will all be connected.

Yes, you can use multiple identities; multiple email, twitter, etc. and see everything under your one account. You can now do voting on community suggestions, questions and topics.  The search is vastly improved (IMO) over the previous support system. You can enter your post using a text-editor that doesn’t require knowledge of Markdown to do simple formatting.

There’s a bunch more — and we will do some more customizing over the next few weeks to add even more features. And we’ll be putting more up-to-date knowledge base information into the system in the coming days as well.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll be asked to verify your email address and create a new password when you login for the first time.  Wish there was a way around this, but it’s a one-time thing that we hope you won’t find too onerous.

What about all of the great posts on the existing forum?

We’ll be leaving the existing in place for a few weeks as there is a wealth of information and great discussions here, but please start all new forum discussions and support requests over at

We are looking at ways to preserve some of the more interesting discussions here, either by importing them into the new system, or as an evergreen archive that can be referenced to some other way.

We know there will be some transition pain getting used to the new system, but I think we all will benefit going forward.