N2 Build 328 – Glitch Fix

Quick Fix: dragging from Inbox to Next (desktop) was not honoring preference to assign to selected area… now it is.


  1. Gregory

    I’m liking the rapid updates. I realize that this isn’t going to be the case for most releases, but I like that small bug fix updates are released so quickly. It shows me that there’s activity going on.

  2. Alain Lesage

    I cannot get access to the forums, so I am posting it here, since I believe it might be important and urgent for some people.

    Since the last major update (build 326), at least one of my recurring task is being create as requested (daily) but it is not marked as focus, so it does not appear where I check for my most urgent to-dos (the focus list, obviously).

    I noticed this one because it is recurring daily, but it might apply to other scheduled recurring tasks too. I will be able to tell by Friday since I have a lot of recurring tasks scheduled for the end of the week (like reviews).

    If one missed something important because of this glitch, it might be infuriating.

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