N2 Build 326 – Desktop spruce up, iOS5 Fixed

Build 326 is now live. Reload them browsers!

From the Release Notes:  2011-October-24 (build 326)


  • Rapid Entry field moved into main task window, rather than being a separate panel at the bottom
  • Area filtering menu has been moved to top navi to better indicate global nature
  • Search now limits to selected Area
  • Logbook now shows completed items from selected Area only
  • Focus has been moved to provide better visual grouping of GTD lists, resulting in a more natural GTD workflow (inbox –> next / waiting / scheduled / someday)
  • Scheduling / Rescheduling tasks and projects now automatically removes them from Focus (un-star) until the new start date arrives
  • When filing items from Inbox to other lists, there is a new preference setting to enable/disable automatic assignment to the globally selected Area
  • When marking a project completed, any incompelte tasks remaining in the project are also marked completed (rather than cancelled)
  • Inactive Project tasks do not show the “focus star” icon. This is to alleviate confusion as inactive project tasks are supressed from Focus anyway. This goes for Scheduled and Someday projects as well.
  • Tasks can no longer be removed from Focus if they are due
  • Hotkeys: numeric keys 1-9 have been remapped to reflect new list order in left navi
  • Hotkeys: comma for prefs, “g” for Tag Library, “r” for Refresh (formerly sync)
  • Added “Email this” to tasks, ala N1

Desktop Refinements:

  • Less translucence and better buttons for all dialogs and prompts
  • When creating new tasks inline, Nirvana does a better job of scrolling up/down to ensure that the task edit panel is within view
  • Visual indication in main task area when showing an Area-filtered subset of tasks
  • Visual indication in left navi when new build is available
  • Getting Started and What’s New section added to Account menu (top right)
  • Expanded notes are collapsed on completion
  • Updated Login screen

Desktop Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where creating a new task within a project within the context of an Area would result in double tagging of Area
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a tag with double quotes would sometimes fail
  • Fixed a bug where editing tags would sometimes fail to repaint the screen to reflect the change
  • Fixed a bug where hitting Enter when prompted for a Waiting For contact no longer fails to catch
  • Fixed a bug where a task might not be immediately saved to the cloud (though it was always being picked up during the regular sync interval)
  • Fixed a bug where repeating task preview of “next dates” would sometimes not being repainted on screen
  • Fixed a bug where reordering projects in the main view would cause the left navi tag cloud area to jump around
  • Fixed a bug where converting a task into a project via drag/drop onto projects was not honoring sequential/parallels user pref
  • Repeating tasks are now timestamped to the “effective” creation date, which should reduce side-effects when merging spawned tasks from multiple devices
  • Minor css / layout tweaks for better consistency between browsers / os


  • Compatibility fix to work on iOS5 Safari
  • Optimizations to reduce the need for ajax connection retries
  • Last update from server is displayed on Home screen (date/time)
  • Visual indication on Home screen when new build is available
  • Updated Login screen


  1. Andrew

    Cool … good to see you have fixed iOS5 .. congrats

    alas .. still can’t log in from work.

  2. @Andrew – Now that we have this build pushed out, perhaps we can have another look at how your corporate firewall is blocking access, presuming that’s what the problem is. Have you been speaking with Dave to troubleshoot?

  3. Andrew

    Hi Elbert
    Yes, I have exchanged a few emails with David.

    David thinks that a few of us have a common problem. He thinks some firewalls don’t like it when web sites, re-direct login details to a different server from the server where the log-in details were entered.

    He mentioned that you guys had come up with a solution to this, but hadn’t deployed it.

    Our IT department have assured me they don’t block any web sites, but beyond that they are unwilling to co-operate in solving the problem. And indeed, it is my experience that I have never had this problem with any other site, at work or at home.


  4. David Drake

    On a very minor topic….the build on the website says 326….but when I access the mobile site either by my iPad or Android phone, it says build 324. Have refreshed numerous times.

  5. Michiel Helvensteijn

    Looking good!

    So, has the Zombie Tasks problem been solved yet? I’ve been having problems with that one.

  6. Phil

    Awesome update!

    One bug I seem to be having. There is not automatic assignment of the task to an area once it is moved from inbox to a list. I have the proper preference setting selected and am doing this from within my “work” area. Am I doing it wrong?

  7. Alain Lesage

    Great job, Elbert and gang!

    Indeed, on my desktop I have build 326 but on my iPhone and iPad, I have build 324.

  8. Looks great!

    One question though – your item above “Added “Email this” to tasks, ala N1” – I’m not sure what that refers to, could someone explain?

  9. Anders

    Really good work. Thanks a lot – especially for the iOS 5 fix 🙂

  10. Proximo

    Like the new look. Subtle but very nice. I don’t use the mobile site but I will give it a try on iOS5. 🙂

  11. @Levi – rightclick on a task and you’ll see the option to email it

    @proximo – thanks. a lot of people poo pooh my addiction to user-experience, but to me it’s important

    @all – new build just went out bringing us to 327

  12. Hm. New “focus” tab seems bad.. I used it as list of tasks for today. They was sorted in by order in which they will be executed. But now i can’t do this (

    And with long list of tasks i can’t even see them on one screen with 13”.

  13. Jeff

    I like the “new build is out, please reload” feature! I came on here when it popped up, worried that it was messing up on build 326 – not realizing that it had quickly picked up 327. Neat!

  14. @jeff – cool! yeah, we’d been meaning to implement that for awhile. with html5 caching for offline use it was often hard to get people to update to the latest builds… which was causing headaches for us. hopefully this will get people up to date within a matter of hours rather than days/weeks.

  15. Marius

    Great, i’d like that!

    However i’m still on N1.

    Any update on the plans for restart the migration of everybody to N2?

  16. @Marius – We wanted to migrate everyone over to N2 this week, but I’m flying to Japan for a wedding tomorrow and I really need to be “on-call” for such a major move so… the plan is to sunset N1 and move everybody over to N2 during the week of November 7.

  17. Marius

    Thanks Elbert for the status update. Looking forward to it!

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