Changes: Left Navi

Heads up for the next release: we’ve moved things around in the left navi a bit. It’s nothing radical, but might take a bit of getting used to for the old guard.

  • The filter-by-area menu has been pushed up to the global navi
  • Focus has been placed below the standard GTD lists
  • Projects has been renamed My Projects
  • We’ve visually delineated and grouped items more clearly
    Collect / Actions / Projects / Cleanup
revised left navi
revised left navi

Impact to keyboard shortcuts: numbers 1 through 9 have been remapped.

Impact to area filtering: search results are now filtered to match only items within the selected area. Logbook too. Inbox and Trash are the only exceptions to the (filtering) rule. We think this makes sense. By definition, inbox = unprocessed items, so applying a filter to these items is presumptuous. And really, who needs multiple trash cans.


  1. Alain Lesage

    « My projects », huh? I smell something coming… Collaboration, maybe?

    Have a nice week-end, Elbert and the gang.

  2. Ah, that looks much better! Hoping these cosmetics aren’t the only change though! 😉 And since this is a heads up, you don’t want to offer a time frame, do you? I know, that’s dangerous! 🙂 Hoping the “heads up” though means it’s imminent!

  3. Michiel

    Hm. I’d be interested in hearing the reasoning behind these changes. I don’t understand their purpose.

    * The filter menu button made sense below the inbox, precisely because it did not filter the inbox. Where it is now, one would expect filtering of every list. (Though aesthetically, I guess I prefer the new location.)

    * I preferred Focus at the top, since it usually contains my most urgent tasks.

    * The term ‘My Projects’ only makes sense if there are other projects to differentiate them from. Are there / will there be?

    * The new headers are a bit redundant, since the list-names seem descriptive enough by themselves. Especially since most groups contain only one or two items.

  4. Lasse

    Love the changes! I don’t know what your reasoning was but I think the changes make sense and the left Navi looks a bit more orderly now. Looking forward to the new build!

  5. Deepak

    Why not give us some leeway to customize our own navi, like being able to drag and drop the navi elements or navi groupings according to our individual workflows?

  6. Can’t see the changes yet. I have refreshed, cleared chache, refreshed again and again… nothing. Are these changes already online?

  7. Tony

    Overall, I like the changes, but I would really prefer the Focus to be above Next since I tend to think of these in order of priority from top to bottom.

    Why the change to Logbook instead of Archive? Will it have different functionality with the new name? I would like to be able to read my notes on Archived tasks, and see (or have access to) all tasks that have been archived.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Lasse

    @Mick, no, the new build hasn’t been released yet. Nirvana’s Twitter account is the best way to find out about new builds and other news (and they haven’t tweeted about a new build yet).

  9. ShadowXOR

    Focus should stay on top. Why would I want anything else showing up first?

  10. JB

    Where are these new changes? Did I miss something? This program is frustrating. I’m dying to leave Toodledo but progress and communication here it just too slow.

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