Take 2 – Phased Rollout

Here’s the revised rollout plan:

  • Push a few N2 builds – code cleanup / UI spruce up
  • Monitor how things go for awhile
  • Sunset N1 – migrating everyone over to N2
  • Make sure everyone was able to transition smoothly
  • Open Beta for N2 – no more invite queue, all new signups land in N2
  • Monitor how things go for awhile
  • Launch

We basically tried to do too much of this in one fell swoop last week and there were just too many dependencies.  Better to tackle in bite-sized chunks.

As these become ready they will be released:

  • Native iPhone app
  • Native Android app

Native mobile apps may be released before launch, or shortly thereafter.  Depends on how things play out.

I know people have been wondering what we’ve been doing…  Separating out the above steps required a bit of rework, but things have now been nicely decoupled (as they probably should have been all along, but you know, sometimes one can be optimistic to a fault).

Based on the feedback we’ve received, we’ve also decided to loosen up just a tad on the free plan restrictions, but more on that in a future post.


  1. David Drake

    This sounds great, Elbert! Sorry for the postings of wanting status updates. Know you guys have been extremely busy! AM excited — Nirvana is great!

    Best regards,

  2. David Drake

    One question: will the native iPhone app also work well on an iPad2?

  3. FakeDavidDrake

    A days gone by – can we have an update please? Perhaps you also missed by question about the iPad2?

  4. FakeDavidDrake

    A days gone by – can we have an update please? Perhaps you also missed my question about the iPad2?

  5. I second david’s appreciation and questions – I will be using it heavily on my iPad as well.

  6. meeech

    the iphone app should work on an ipad(2) just fine.

    Or do you mean to ask will there be a ipad specific version of the app?

  7. David Drake

    Very funny about the “FakeDavidDrake”. 🙂

  8. Manny

    Elbert Ive not been here for a while but from what I can tell you might benefit from reading “the lean startup” by eric reis. You might know it but its all about releasing early, getting feedback fast and updating tiny chunks very quickly ie daily or weekly.

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