If at first you don’t succeed…

… try try again.

We made a Herculean effort to get things rolling over the weekend, but no dice.  A few too many loose ends.  I want everyone to regroup and tighten things up.

Looking for the silver lining, a truck-load of bugs were squashed and there was much server-side cleanup.  We’ll probably roll another build or two to prove out the code changes, but in the mean time the beta label stays put.

It’s frustrating, but prudent.


  1. Gregory

    It’s all part of the process, I get it. You guys really wanted to push for a full release, and I’ve no doubt that you gave it your all.

    I think we all understand that blockers come up every now and then, and that, often, there’s no way to predict them.

    On one hand, we as a community need to understand that these things happen. Things come up. And on the other hand, as the distributor, you need to do your best to ensure that this type of thing doesn’t happen repeatedly.

    On a happy note, horray for the bug squashing, and I look forward to the new builds 🙂

    PS Prudence, especially when you begin charging people, is always better.

  2. Alex Luso


    Thanks for the update. I think all of us were starting to wonder what had happened. It’s good to know you guys are on it. Good luck

  3. Glad to know that you made progress in tightening up the code, even if you didn’t meet the goal of getting everyone migrated this weekend. We understand that you guys are a small team and have limited resources and all we can ask is that you give it your best shot (which you always seem to do) and make steady progress. I’ve lived through other small groups basically do nothing for 6 months or longer (Remember the Milk) except to go to conferences and work on more and more clients while ignoring the core functionality of the app. Anyway, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, as they say, and as long as we know you are doing well by your users, and being open and communicative about even small bumps in the road, that is the most valuable thing!

  4. Simon

    As a less experienced Nirvana user than many here I thought I might mention that preparing to ‘go public’ isn’t just about the coding. Once it’s up and working people will need guidance and currently that area is lacking. For instance, under Getting Started is the advice ‘Our getting started tutorial (video) is a good place to start’ but the video shows ‘LAST UPDATED: December 07, 2009’.
    Please don’t take this as criticism. I guess I am saying what many here are saying too, that it’s not worth going live too soon.
    I am in the restaurant business and have opened many new businesses over the years and friends and family are always so complimentary. Then those doors open and the paying customers come through, it’s different.
    I wish you good luck though, ultimately Nirvana’s a great product and that’s what will count.

  5. I know maybe it’s just me, but when the service is becoming paid, I’d really appreciate to have regular blog posts every week, informing me of development and happenings in the company.

  6. Marius

    Agree with you Mick. It would be better if there was more insight into communications.

    To the Nirvana team: it’s not a big problem that deadlines slip but when you are a paid app you need to find a way to make things more predictable. For example you could have done all the preparations that you are doing currently before actually announcing the exact moment of moving over to N2.

  7. Johan

    Could you please open up the beta sign-up again then? I am eager to try this product

  8. It was a tad bit more complicated than we had anticipated as these things tend to be and so our diligent yet exhausted editor-in-chief and her army of server gnomes need to take some time to regroup and make sure everything is spiffed up and ready for company.

  9. David Drake

    Any news as to when the next update will be out?

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