Everyone Gets Upgraded to N2 – Starting This Friday!

Big News!

Starting this Friday we will begin migrating everyone to the new Nirvana.

If you haven’t seen the new Nirvana in action (affectionately named N2 by our beloved community) you’re in for a treat.

Some N2 highlights:

  • A much polished and faster-than-ever user interface
  • Work without interruption even with an intermittent or no internet connection at all
  • New options for viewing Next and Focus (the list formerly known as Today)
  • Projects can be made Parallel or Sequential
  • Recurring Tasks, Recurring Tasks…

… and much more.

Here’s what you can expect when you log in

  • You’ll be asked to accept our Terms of Service – the standard legalese
  • For most everyone that’s all there is to it. Your data will be instantly transferred to the new Nirvana and you’ll be back to getting things done.
  • If you tried N2 during our pre-release-early-preview phase you will be asked whether you’d like to continue with your existing N1 or N2 data.

Pricing Plans

Nirvana will remain a free service for a few more weeks. After that we will be introducing a 2 tier plan structure: Plus and Basic.

The Plus plan will include all of the features we currently offer, priced at $7 per month or $59 per year for new signups. But here’s the great news: for everyone who’s been part of our beta program we’ll be offering the Plus plan for $5 per month or $49 per year. Awesome sauce.

The Basic plan will be Free, but will restrict you to 2 active projects, 2 weeks of logbook history, and the global Area filtering menu in the left navi will be disabled. Area filtering will still be available via the tag filtering bar in the top navi, however. Not bad for a freebie.

We are considering Team plans for folks who want to signup a group of users at a discount, but this will come a little later.

So what’s the deal with native mobile apps?

We are still a few weeks away from releasing the iOS version, and probably a few weeks more for Android. They will be available in the AppStore and Marketplace for the low low price of $0.00, otherwise known as Free. Β πŸ™‚ Β Can’t beat that, right?

More Features to Come

We’ve received a ton of great feedback, and we are actively working to incorporate many of your feature suggestions. If Nirvana has made a positive impact on your life please consider supporting us by opting for the Plus plan. The more people who go Plus the more resources we will be able to devote towards future enhancements.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. Thank you for helping make Nirvana such an amazing product. Onwards!


  1. Danil

    Great news! I’m happy that you’re going to be commercial.

    P.S. Expecting native mobile applications and other stuff!

  2. Basic to include on 2 Active Projects – that is just way too restrictive. It’s going to really turn people off. I think the reduced filtering ain’t great either. 2 weeks of logfiles seems reasonable though.
    You need to be careful not to hit your free users too much. You can only expect a small percentage of them to convert to a paid for service, so you need to grow your free users as much as possible. Then add more services to the paid service. Don’t restrict the free one.
    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Great stuff. You’ve won my $$ as a paid user already. I think the price points you mention are perfect to attract new customers, too.

    Agree with Forbes, however. The 2 active projects limitation in the free version seems too extreme. I think you want to make that something like 12 projects. That’s enough to give free users the real experience of using it for a reasonable % of their life… (the puppy dog close)… and certainly still leaves enough reason for them to upgrade to paid. I think the hook won’t get sunk deeply enough with only 2 active projects.

  4. Great news. The price is acceptable. Just please, become a commercial to release native applications for Android and IOS. I can not wait for Android applications. Mobile nirvana is so slow. : (

  5. I’m very excited for Nirvana to be growing like this. N2 is a great product that I’ve been using for a long time now. It’s been the only way for me to organize my college assignments. Thanks for a good service.

    But I can’t afford the price upgrade, and the limit of 2 active projects is too restrictive for me. The other restrictions aren’t too bad… But if I were to stay with Nirvana, I would need more projects (at the very least, 5).

    Bis spΓ€ter, Nirvana. It was good while it lasted.

    • @tyler – is there a price, as a student, that you would be willing / able to pay? we actually have a discounted price plan for students up on our whiteboard… would love to hear your thoughts, not to mention curious if the number we have in mind is in line with your answer. πŸ™‚

  6. David Drake

    This is fantastic! Wonderful! Outstanding! Hmmm….you think I am excited? I have credit card in hand. Okay…getting control of myself…

  7. @Elbert – Thank you for asking. After pondering for a couple minutes, I think it would have to be 1/2 the cost or so. $2.50 per month, or $25 per year. I don’t have a job (yet), so that would put it much more in my price range.

    Todoist Premium is $30 per year, just for comparison. But I don’t think I’ll do that one, either. I’m pretty cheap. πŸ™‚ (So you may want to take my opinion with a grain of salt.) Again, thank you for asking.

  8. Gregory Ow

    Hi Nirvana Team!

    I’m a senior in high school, and Nirvana is the only webapp which really pulled me together and helped me get my work done. I’ve already begun to convert my classmates xD

    But for the pricing, $50 a year is a bit steep for me. I’d agree with Tyler at about $25/year.

    But I think it’s great that you guys are going commercial. I’m willing to pay for this great service, but $50/year is just a hard sell to my parents.

    Thanks for the awesome service.

  9. glen

    ill pay as soon as the ios is ready.

    at that point ill worry about whether the syncing works well, and then, if it works well between the web app and two ios devices.

    as a standalone web app without native device apps, this is by far the best pure gtd web application out there with the finest most intuitive interface. super nice job.

    it makes me want to type everything into it.

  10. Scott Messner

    Wow. I’m not sure this is ready to go commercial. Am I missing something or are we now allowed to sort by due date?? I’m also still not able to send email tasks to N2 through a Gmail filter.

  11. Gregory Ow

    @Scott. I’m pretty sure that if you go to your next list, and click the little calendar icon at the top bar next to the tags, it’ll sort by due dates.

  12. Ryan Malone

    Congrats Nirvaana team. I was very impressed with how the beta went and the consensus you built along the way. Looking forward to it.

    And when you say “a few weeks” for iOS. I am assuming if it were 4 weeks, you would have said a month πŸ™‚

  13. Chris Webb

    This is fantastic news. Well done to you guys – I’m ready with my credit card.

    I think the pricing is bang on (excellent value actually). I must say (not that it is relevant to me as I’m happy to pay) I do probably agree on the 2 project max for the Basic version being a tad restrictive, given that projects are such a fundamental part of GTD and thus everyone will have more than 2, even if they’re ‘occasional’ users.

    Maybe 5 max?

    Just my twopenneth – either way, well done on getting to that finish line πŸ™‚

  14. Simon

    Toodledo cost $14.95 for Pro and $29.95 for Pro+ (includes 5gb of storage).
    Remember the Milk costs $25.
    However, there are also more expensive options like Nozbe which is Eu89 ($123) so yer makes yer choice.
    Personally I think that in the scheme of things the pricing is ok although I agree that the Free version is too restrictive.

  15. Lasse

    Wow, I’m excited to hear that the arrival time of an iOS App is now measured in weeks! πŸ™‚
    59$ is a fair price for a year, 49$ for the beta testers sounds even better!
    As for the 2 active projects restriction, I think that’s too restrictive. Not that it matters to me since I’ll be subscribing for a year anyway. But this way it’s really only a trial version instead of a free version, since I can’t imagine that anyone can make do with just two active projects. At least not anyone who’s remotely serious about GTD. Nevertheless, looking forward to the launch!

  16. Lasse

    As for student prices, I think that’s a great idea. As a student I couldn’t have afforded spending 7$ a month on my GTD solution. In fact, I even had to think twice about a year’s subscription to RTM. My suggestion would be 4$/month or 35$/year for students.

  17. Bruce Marriott

    Good to get some news.

    Not against paying and the sums could be worse(!), however I don’t want to sign up ahead of seeing if the Android app is any good – want to check out reliability, speed, syncability and general functionality compared to web version. The existing mobile website is not good and functional deficiencies mean I don’t use.

    If the charge comes before a stable Android release then I will move on – 2 projects is not enough to live with while we wait for a proper (Android) mobile solution.

  18. Elurven

    That sounds really interesting. And as with many of the beta testers, I will gladly pay the subscription fee. So the fact that the free version will only have two projects is not a problem for me. But I have to agree with what seems to be the general consensus here – two projects is not really enough. Seeing as everything that requires more than one action is a project in GTD, that might in fact limit the user two four actions and two projects. That also makes it difficult to see the benefits of tag filtering etc. But like I said, just a thought for the free plan, since I think it may be difficult to sell people on the idea of Nirvana that way. 5-10 projects is still not enough for you to handle your entire workload but it would be enough to try out the system.

    I have to say that I’m very interested in the group pricing, since I may then be able to get some corporate funding. The last few months, I have turned into a Nirvana lobbyist here at the office, talking to key players in important positions ;). So please keep us updated on the progress of this.

    The iOS app sounds very interesting. I am using Things at the moment since I really like having a dedicated app. But this may get me to make the switch to Nirvana on iOS as well. But you kind of snuck that one in below the radar of us beta testers. Very sneaky indeed ;).

  19. AJS

    I’m with Bruce, I’ll have to wait and see how the android app turns out before I can commit. The price is just about okay, I wouldn’t want to go above $50 a year for a task manager. I’m paying $39 for GID but the android app has some quirks which means I won’t renew unless they fix it. I hope your native apps turn out well because I would expect a lot of Nozbe folk will jump over to Nirvana if they do.

  20. Elurven

    Oh, and as an afterthought. If there is group pricing in the future, I may want to change my username to something that fits a standard within my company (such as the company name, followed by my name or something similar). So a way to change my username or, even better, a way to transfer my information to another account, would be very helpful in that regard.

  21. I’m glad things are progressing and that you guys have figured out a pricing plan. I share some of the same concerns other users have. I don’t know how much any of our comments are going to be considered as I don’t remember you ever asking for our opinion on this. I’m sure you guys have discussed and researched the options to death. All I’ll say is that I think Evernote is a great example to base freemium models on. Their product is completely usable at the free level. Two projects does seem to be limiting things to a point where people won’t be able to use it seriously as a free app. I understand the desire to want everyone do subscribe, but at $60/year, not everyone is able to afford that, and I would think given the relatively small number of users you guys have and presumably you want to grow a lot, that enticing users to join and get them hooked would be key. Once they are hooked, you can dangle more power-user options at a price. I don’t like the idea of limiting core functionality like projects, but there are other things like email notifications, storage space, linking to Evernote, etc., that I think could be great incentives to pay for those who can a) afford it, and b) love having all the bells and whistles.

    $59 is a bit steep for me, but $49 makes it a bit more reasonable. $29 would make it an easy call, and $39 would probably be ok too. Everyone of course has their own thresholds and I guess you will learn what is sustainable and what isn’t. I pay $45 for Evernote, $36 for Pandora, $104 for Netflix, etc. All of these services add up, and I’m not even subscribed to as many as I’d like, so adding yet another at $59 or even $49 doesn’t please me. I only hope that you offer a monthly plan as well so that I can keep trying Nirvana instead of making a financial commitment for a whole year. If you continue to add features that round out the capabilities, then I’ll be happy to pay the yearly fee, but at the moment it’s difficult to consider making such a long-term commitment when there are still some items that aren’t fully fleshed out…

    In any case, though, thanks for giving us this info and I hope our input is going to be considered at least to some extent.

    • Thanks for the feedback everyone.

      @levi: We listen to everyone’s comments, carefully consider all feedback, then course correct as necessary. I believe this is one of the reasons we were able to build such an amazing user base (50,000+) while still in closed beta. I would also like to clarify that the annual pricing is a discount option… we suspect that many people will prefer month to month.

  22. Jeff

    Most of this seems very reasonable. I think extending from 2 active projects to at least 5 active projects for the free account would enable new users to get a better experience. A student discount, as mentioned above by other users, could be a great idea. A $25-30 per year plan for that sounds fair. Another idea would be to add some customizable CSS features for the plus account, giving users more control sits well with the wallet.

  23. Jeff

    Congratulations on the impending launch! I think this is quite exciting, and I think that the price hits a fair point.

    I’m joining the chorus on the two project limitation I think, but I’d like to phrase it in a different way. As I see it, there are two basic functions that a “free” account setup can serve:

    (1) Provide a way for new users to test-drive a system before committing to it.

    (2) Expand the user base by providing a functional and free app, with the aim being that the expanded user base will increase premium subscriptions.

    Now, I’m just basing this on my own sense of things, and not on any market research, but the two project free mode doesn’t do either of these things. With only two projects, I cannot imagine anyone switching from a simpler but free app. For example, while RTM is really simple and does not offer the higher GTD experience Nirvana does, Nirvana’s advantages are almost totally hidden in a two project setup. Similarly, I would never switch over to a new app if I could only try it out by either (a) spending $7, or (b) limiting myself to two projects. I’d want to put in a whole bunch of projects to get a sense of how the app would fit into my workflow.

    As such, I’d be worried that the two project limitation means you’ll have a free app that doesn’t really get you anywhere. By contrast, even if you decided that the economics of (2) don’t make sense for you (e.g., the Evernote model), you could achieve (1) with a free trial period for all new sign-ups.

    I do also hope that we’ll get a new, updated, and clearer roadmap of additional features to come. Particularly for people like me who will probably pony up for a year’s subscription, it is important to see the features you plan to add, and when we could expect them to be added (roughly at least, like, “next few months…,” “by the end of the year…”, “long term…”).

    • @Jeff: Yes, we should have been more clear — everyone starts off on the Plus plan with a 30-day Free Trial window. After the 30 days are up you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription to keep everything humming along, or let your account drop down to the Basic plan. If you let your account drop to Basic, all but the top two active projects in your Projects list will flip into Inactive mode (same as if you right-click to mark a project as Inactive), which means that your project contents will remain intact. The restriction is that you won’t be able to have more than 2 projects in an Active state at one time. Regarding the road map – fear not, Nirvana will continue to get better and better. This Friday is just a milestone (albeit a big one!) on our ongoing quest to make Nirvana everyone’s favorite app. Plus plan adoption will guide our development path and velocity.

  24. Ryan Malone

    Elbert –

    One idea might be to lower the web-only version and charge for iOS or Android and for team-sharing. That will help get your user base up for people who aren’t app people, and allow you to capture the premium revenue on collaboration which people will glad pay more for anyway.

    29-39 is a much more reasonable amount given some features that are still lacking in the system.

  25. @Elbert, thanks for clarifying. To add to @Ryan’s post directly above, you might consider using a mobile app as part of the pricing differential. Lastpass does this. It’s free for everything if you use it only on the desktop, and presumably you could also log into your account via a mobile web browser, but if you want to be able to use it in a more streamlined way as an app, which lets you autologin, etc., you need to pay for the annual plus account. You don’t pay for the app, it’s a free download, but in order to use it, you need that annual plus account…

  26. While I agree that the pricing is acceptable, although still on the high side, certain functionality (mainly list/task sharing and the ability to forward through a google filter) being lacking makes it not viable for me for paid use. The project/task sharing/delegation feature in particular.

    I have come to love Nirvana, but to use it in my office, I need to be able to share tasks with my partner and my assistant. It’s a deal-breaker for me.

    And other items on the maybe list (like sub-projects) would make it definitely worth the annual cost.

  27. Alex Luso

    Elbert & Company,

    First of all congratulations on reaching this stage. You know that many of us beta testers will certainly sign up and I welcome the ripple effect that monetizing Nirvana will have on the development cycle.

    However, I am disappointed to hear that the native mobile apps are still “weeks away”. That sounds like an ominously long time, if I think back to similar pronouncements from you guys. A vast segment of your costumer base (including all my colleagues and friends) will not even consider Nirvana unless there’s a mobile solution in hand.

    I’ll echo Ryan’s advice, of charging for the native apps. This is a very important component of the Nirvana GTD solution and I think we would like to directly contribute to that effort to make sure it gets the priority it deserves.


  28. afunix

    So N2 is finally out.
    But it looks like I’ll switch to toodledo, as it’s free version is more powerful, and paid versions are just $15/yr and $30/yr.
    $60/yr is too much and 2 projects is too restrictive.

  29. Bruce Marriott

    Elbert: Will you be looking for those that seriously use N2 to pay monthly or annually *ahead* of releasing a stable and usable Android app?

    I won’t pay the sums mentioned for just a web solution (and I discount the current mobile site solution and where some N1 users will find the N2 solution has dropped functionality they are used to).

    I would pay the sums mentioned, though agree with others they are tending to the premium and are not going to tempt lots of new trade, for a reliable web and (Android) mobile solution.

    Your blog entry says “We are still a few weeks away from releasing the iOS version, and probably a few weeks more for Android.” If we say that ‘a few weeks’ is 6 weeks then the Android solution, properly delivered rater than a problematic beta, is at least 3 months away.

    However for pricing you say “Nirvana will remain a free service for a few more weeks.” Which I take to mean 6 weeks.

    I currently conclude that neither iOS or Android users are likely to have fully tested apps when you currently suggest you will start charging. If true I think this is a huge mistake and the relatively ‘premium’ pricing you want will cause people to back off and look at the wider market. Certainly I will.

    I’d really like better visibility around all this – without it I’ll start looking for other solutions where there is more certainty.

  30. AJS

    Just a thought on the free version which allows only two projects: Nozbe allows five projects and their web app probably has more features, a very robust Calendar sync with Google being one of them, plus Evernote integration as another. I would think anyone wanting to go with a free plan would think that was a better deal.

  31. Ken

    Will the iOS mobile version be for iPhone only or both iPhone and iPad?

  32. Yep, I think limiting the number of projects (even if it is just active ones) is too restrictive. I don’t think the number should be increased, just removed. Otherwise it becomes fairly useless for the new uses you are trying to hook. Charge $$ for more advanced features (mobile apps, team stuff, attached files, etc). The free version should include full basic functionality. There are just too many alternatives which are capable of these features in their free versions. Watch that 50k user base migrate quickly.
    I say this a big supporter of Nirvana. I have recommended this tool to lots of people, as it stands up well against some of its competitors. It lacks many of their features but has a very intuitive interface. Nobbling the free version will just push those potential paying customers off to less usable alternatives.

  33. Proximo

    I waited to make any comments of my own to see what others were thinking.

    First, let me say Congratulations to the Nirvana team for the milestone they are about to hit. It’s been a long time since I started using Nirvana and I had the privilege to see it evolve over time.

    The pricing seems fair to me. I agree that the native mobile apps should be released to justify the cost for many users, but as long as I have been around, I will gladly pay for the Plus version while I wait for the iOS and Android apps to go live. The important thing here is to stay on schedule and get the mobile apps launched quickly.

    I will echo what everyone is saying about the free version. I like the free version idea, better than having only a trial version which dies completely if you don’t upgrade. 2 active projects does seem restrictive if someone wanted to make sure they liked the service.

    Now that Elbert has mentioned a full free month of Plus. It does not seems as bad of a plan when compared to what others are offering. I still think that 5 projects would be best to match what some other services are giving you for free, but the free full month of Plus is very generous in comparison with other services.

    I am looking forward to Nirvana going like and dropping the N2 badge. Now it’s going to be just “Nirvana” again, which is nice.

    Looking forward to the iOS app and the features that are in the works. Hopefully the income generated from Plus accounts will speed up development and fund things like Google Calendar integration and Evernote integration. :-). No one said we won’t continue to ask for stuff. LOL

    It would also be nice to create a list of the coming features like other services do. This can potentially push someone considering the Plus service over the edge, if they understand clearly what will be coming on the feature front. Just a thought.

    Congratulations again and I will continue to send people to this great service. I have been here so long, I almost feel that I own a part of Nirvana. πŸ™‚

  34. Andrew

    Great news.
    Hope you have the corporate firewall log-in problem sorted.

  35. Laura

    I agree about the free plans being too limiting on the number of active projects. $49 is a bit too high for me…$25 or $30 is in my comfort zone. $25 as is and $30 with good (free) mobile apps.

    I love Nirvana and keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  36. Rob

    Congrats on the launch. If Nirvana had a few more features (email alerts, some more advanced printing, nice mobile Apps), I might spring for the Premium. As of right now I would not.

    Maybe this is a secret marketing approach… announce at $59 and then drop it to $39 based on user feedback? πŸ˜‰

    Two projects would be pretty difficult to do anything meaningful. Maybe you could limit the total number of active tasks to 40 or so? Gives people more flexibility.

    I will keep watching and see how things progress. I have to say I am disappointed that there are not new functions be added (to N2) for the go live. I must have misinterpreted earlier posts – I thought they were adding things for the launch?

    Still a great product, just not sure it works for me yet.


  37. Excellent news indeed! It’s been a great trip so far, and I for one am very much looking foward to the iphone app!


  38. Alberto

    Great News! I know you worked hard to arrive here. You did it great. However, for nowadays features (plus movile app) your price is out of the market…

  39. I will certainly apply for the Plus plan, WHEN the native ios apps are out. I am totally sold on Nirvana, but without good nativa apps, I am not sure I’ll be in. Will we see them before N becomes a paid service?

  40. Great news.

    Concerning pricing – 7$ is very steep. I would be willing to pay 5$/Month. But only with mobile apps out. Without the apps, I cannot use Nirvana effectively. It’s one of the main reasons why I almost moved off to another solution (Wunderlist, in my case, even though it has a different approach).

    I’m a student, I think most people that work 100% would be able and willing to pay 5-7$/month. For students, I support the 2.50$/Month or 25$/Year pricing plan. This is something that almost every student would be able to pay.

    I also think that the mobile apps don’t need to be free. It’s better to make the subscription a little cheaper and to charge 2.50$ or 3$ for the app. Maybe with an ad supported or limited free version.

    In summary, I think you should wait with the paid plans until the apps are out. And if there were a student pricing plan, you could greatly increase your user base.

  41. Travis Smith

    Can’t Login to N2 Keeps giving me incorrect username password.

    Is the site down until tomorrow?

  42. DAvid

    I think 59$ too expensive. in my opinion it should be somewhere near 30-40$ for a plus account. Basic should be free.

  43. Doug

    Hey guys… First let me say that I’ve tried many of the competitors, and Nirvana has got one of the best GTD models out there for me.

    I’ll chime in on the Free version… the restrictions placed on it don’t entice me to try something new… not something I’d spend more than 10 minutes experimenting anyway. I’d really suggest you provide more capability in the Free – Web based version.

    Pricing on the plus version… not to my liking, but it seems somewhat competitive for the ‘new’ class of tools coming out. However… there are a host of new ones in progress with some interesting models out there. I really think you’d hit a larger market if you targeted the $49 for annual pricing (its under that subconscious $50 mark), and I think a discount to the Beta group is a great offer.

    I would also echo similar comments that I’d be willing to pay for an iOS version. In fact, there are so many free apps out there, and so many of them are lacking, I almost ignore many of those as not being worth my time to investigate. I do feel that you have underestimated the power of the App Store for bringing new customers in (based on the lack of any app today). It is not just an extension of your app, it is another opportunity to get your message out…. and a great platform for social references and ratings to assist. A moderately priced Universal app (and Android too for that matter) would more than make up for the reduction of the back end.

    Looking forward to mobile.

  44. Brian


    Lowering the monthly fee to charge for mobile apps isn’t economically viable. The apps are a one-time fee and unless Nirvana charged what would seem to be outrageous prices, they couldn’t recoup the revenue they’d forgo by reducing the monthly fee.

    Personally, I would be willing to pay the $60 per year for Nirvana…although I wouldn’t complain about a lower price.

    As for the restrictions, I’d recommend extending the free trial period to two or three months rather than changing the number of active projects following the one-month trial. Two to three months would give me plenty of time to get actively engaged in Nirvana and would be more than enough to determine how well it fit. One month might not be enough to entice me to even put forth the effort to give it a try. (Because it is an effort for someone who’s already using another system…)

  45. zen

    I’m a beta user since 2009. I want to see Elbert and his team take Nirvana commercial, but the pricing does not make sense. It will limit the growth of Nirvana. Why reinvent when you can simply follow successful pricing models from Evernote and RTM? My suggestion:

    New: $5/mo or $45 annual;
    Current Beta: $4/mo or $35 annual;
    Student: $3/mo or $25 annual

  46. @Brian, I agree with that. I don’t like the idea of paying for the app because a) it’s not done with other services much from what I see, and b) like you said, it’s only a one-time purchase. It also actually DISSUADES people from getting it. I like the idea of a free mobile version that times out once the trial period ends, unless you pay for plus. That way your plus account gets you mobile app access vs. just a mobile browser access.

    In terms of the free trial period, I truly think 30 days is very generous, and making it longer than that is probably not warranted.

    I also agree with @Doug about the $49 mark vs. $59. I’d be willing to pay $49 and will as a beta-tester, but what I’m saying is, price it at $49 for everyone, including us, and that way you at least won’t have to lose extra money by letting us beta-testers use it for $39.

    In general, I hope you don’t compel people to pay until a few more of the essential things are done in order to make it more competative with the others out there. Email notifications and at least one mobile platform should be there on the day you make your big announcement to the world to come and look at the app (and possibly pay for it). You don’t get many big first impressions like this. πŸ˜‰ It doesn’t need to have everything, but the more big-ticket things you can tout, the better (other than what I mentioned if you can provide calendar syncing to Google or others that use iCal, and perhaps some easier way to sync with notes on Google Docs, Evernote, etc., these would be pretty key features people are going to be looking for if contemplating a switch).

    Looking forward to the coming weeks and months to see how Nirvana takes off, and I’ll continue to recommend you guys as I have been to those looking for GTD solutions!

  47. indygreg

    Long time beta user here.
    I am fairly quick to part with my money for such things (a known flaw) and while this does not strike me as all that much for a system I use daily, I agree 100% with the concept of ‘once you start charging a premium price (premium being in context of similar services in an arena where free services exist) you cannot have ‘mobile coming soon’. You have to be prime time.
    I think this move will push people away quickly. The reality is if I decide to wait to see, that means I will get dropped into the free limited version, which means I will then once again open my GTD search. This means I will try things I have tried before to see if they improved. I will find new things (EXACTLY how I found Nirvana in the first place). I might not return until some new place fails me in some way.

  48. Joe Pairman

    Nothing much new to add – just wanted to agree to some of the ideas above.

    Like others, I’d be willing to pay $59 if I needed to, but I think $49/year, $5/month might be more acceptable to more people.

    On the number of active projects for the free version, maybe 4 or 5 would work better. Still, probably things shouldn’t be *too* comfortable in the free version.

    Another thought – perhaps things like Evernote integration could be available only on the pay version and the first month trial. Along the same lines, I didn’t see whether sync with the upcoming mobile client apps will only be possible with the pay versions – I’d suggest making it so.

    Looking forward to seeing where things go from here! (By the way, will you post an update when the beta phase is over in all regions? I want to recommend Nirvana on my social networks, but I think more people will sign up if I wait until it’s out of beta. Even waiting for the invitation could put some people off.)

  49. Proximo

    Levi makes a great point.

    When you go live and new users are checking out Nirvana for the first time. They would expect for certain features to be there for a paid service.

    Mobile Apps
    Attachment Support
    Email, SMS notifications

    You need to be careful with the features you have in place when you go live. If you are going to charge, you need to give them a reason to consider the servie and you can loose many people if your still missing core features.

  50. Bruce Marriott

    I want to suggest a slightly different way forward.

    Most people here, including me, are happy to see Nirvana moving forward towards being a proper service worth paying for and with appropriate support.

    The problem is around the proposed price and what you get for it. For me I think I’m seeing a premium price proposal but not a premium solution yet – just the great promise of one. In terms of what needs to happen to get to a ‘finished’ solution I’d go along with Proximo:

    Mobile Apps
    Attachment Support
    Email, SMS notifications
    + possibly some others.

    The first one – mobile apps – is the most important by far I think.

    I think we can all see that Nirvana is due something now but with a only few exceptions we bulk at the price.

    How about Nirvana introduce pricing at $20 for the first year. Then, in Spring 2012, or whenever the apps and other things are reliably delivered, the price goes up to new joiners and those renewing. I think early adopters like us should continue to see some reduced price but clearly reduced form the walk in price (currently proposed at $59/year but agree with others about $49 or better)

    That introduces paying and it seems fair – fair to Nirvana who get some money and fair to users who pay more when they get more. It also gets away from people going because they won’t pay top dollar for the currently unfinished solution.

  51. Bruce Marriott

    Sorry – just wanted to add…

    The $20 suggestion would be associated with a beta solution. The great unveiling and sales push would be in Spring 2012 – when a fully functional solution is delivered and it is priced accordingly.

    I also keep talking about a solution and not just Nirvana. What I mean is a system that allows people to do their planning wherever they are. The solution is the web version of Nirvana (currently known as N2) **AND** the equivalent full functionality apps for iPhone and Android.

  52. MarcinGTD

    You are not ready to take money for your app. Basic stuff is missing! Delegation, smart lists, attachments! This is basic, core stuff. People were less vocal about it because it was the beta and it was ok. But going live with this and asking for money (chefty price too)? Sketchy.

  53. >”A vast segment of your costumer base (including all my colleagues and friends) will not even consider Nirvana unless there’s a mobile solution in hand.”

    Well, count me in. The mobile version of the web app is cumbersome and I need my organizer on the go. No android app? No money.

    And anyway the price is too steep for me. Call me old fashion, I prefer to pay an app once and for all, like it has alwyas been uintil recently. And most pro GTD apps like Thinking Rock (which I bought) are around $ 40-80 with free upgrades.

    Do the math: Nirvana would cost me this amount *each year*? No way, even less so since many important GTD features are missing (nested projects, complex recurring tasks, inbox processing, weekly review, batch task processing…). What you guys have over the competition is a Seductive UI, not much more. Thinking Rock still leaves Nirvana in the dust for GTD features and overall flexibility.

    This new business model is delirious IMO. Over 5 years, I would have to pay $ 420 for a very seductive but basic GTD organizer? And an (unknown) part of this time without an android app? Ooooh I don’t think so.

    I’m out… bye bye, Nirvana, very nice UI and all, but this business is not serious. Doit.im does almost exactly the same as Nirvana 2 does, is still free, and DOES HAVE an android app (and a good one to boot).

    I’ll check back in 6-8 months if you have improved the GTD features and have released a good android app.


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  55. Kevin Behringer

    I agree with many of the comments here that a price of $59/$49 puts Nirvana in a top tier of pricing for this type of app, without having top tier functionality.

    I think that there are numerous services out there that charge far less (many free) that offer more functionality.

    While I’ve loved Nirvana and held out hope going forward, if the pricing structure is implemented, I’ll be looking elsewhere.


  56. Peter

    I’ve read the news of your imminent launch with mixed feelings.

    It’s great that you have brought Nirvana to the stage where you feel it is ready for market but, like many others, I wonder if the package as a whole will stand up to the competition given the lack of features highlighted by many of your users and already present in other programs.

    I believe that most of us really want Nirvana to be out there and successful as it is such an elegant program and we’d hate to see it crash and burn due to lack of a good take up on commercial launch.

    This is where I come to my dilemma. I have invested a lot of time in learning and inputting data to Nirvana and have got a lot out of it. I feel I owe you guys some money but on the other hand it baulks slightly to hand over cash for something which has been free to date especially when it’s not quite there yet. I realise that you guys need paying for your efforts and you have convinced me that such a program, when fully featured, is worth paying for. But pricing is an issue.

    The problem is paying for Nirvana on an annual basis. I guess this is the way cloud based stuff is going which provokes the question, do I need the advantages of a cloud base. Do I use multiple systems? No. Am I scared of losing all of my data? No, as I have an auto back up system. Do I care if my phone and computer remain out of synch until I get home? No. It’s nice having the cloud but not essential.

    I do need GTD software as my 300+ tasks will prove, but do I need to pay an annual fee for a program when I can pay a one off fee for (say) Omnifocus? That’s Β£31 pa at current rates versus Β£65 at present rates of exchange.

    I know you guys will have done your financial projections and market research before coming up with this pricing structure and I guess that it won’t have too much wiggle room so these comments may be fruitless. However, if it is at all possible, delay the commercial launch until you have a solid mobile app to accompany the main program and try to fill in some of the feature gaps which your users feel they require. If the latter is not yet possible at least put a roadmap out there of what developments we should see in the next 12 months and before we have to sub up again.

    So, where do I end up? Probably paying the first years subs as a payback for your efforts to date and then spending some time looking at the competitors out there. I’d love to be persuaded otherwise though.

  57. indygreg

    Just to add some more on the side of ‘you are not ready to charge yet’ camp:
    The fact I have to hit ‘collect completed items many times to actually collect everything’ shows this is still in beta IMHO.
    Just to be clear, I, like many, LOVE NHQ and want to stick with it. I just feel that if you go paid/premium too soon it could result in the exact opposite of the end goal, which is a win win. A profitable company and a user base that is happy handing over money (one time or monthly).

    As to if the subscription model is delirious as hinted to above – I guess that all remains to be seen. I think the web 2.0/html 5 world where everything is cloud based, subscription seems to be the norm for services. It looks like a one time fee for software is dying off. In the end it is all sort of the same thing, no? Lets say I can pay $6-10 a month for MS office live. Over 3 years that is upwards of $360. How much does a new office suite cost every 3 or 4 years? To me, the subscription idea is better as I have lower big costs and can come and go as I please. That said, I am not 100% sure what I think a fair monthly cost for NHQ should be.

  58. George

    I love the app but am always wishing for more (nested projects, calendar integration, evernote integration, email integration, and especially a useable mobile version for Android.
    I would gladly pay the 49 / yr for this sort of power.
    My advice is to wait until at least ’till you have the mobile apps tested and ready to go before asking for the credit cards.
    Meanwhile I appreciate what you guys have done thus far.

  59. Khalid

    Greetings from Toronto!

    While I have liked and actively used your applications (Both N1 and N2), I have found myself rethinking my use of it after reading the steep and inhibitory price points set. I feel while the interface is flashy it is far from being a final and polished product. Rather than adding features, it should fix the ones it has already. While I understand the need for cash flow to proceed, in the online world much is expected for next to nothing, and there will always be no cost alternatives out there (granted maybe not as fun or well implemented, but they get the job done).

    As much as I appreciate the hard work done, after much thought I feel that NirvanaHQ is not going to work for me in the long run. While it may have started out with great intentions to implement GTD, it has ventured out into concepts that have strayed from GTD. As an example, while it may seem nice to manage next actions according to projects, integrating project management with a next action list is adding complexity. Next actions aren’t meant to be parallel vs sequential.

    In a way I would say thank you for forcing me to rethink how I use the product and what I am using it for. To implement GTD we don’t need all this – efficiency can be had with purely context based next action lists. Being honest with myself, at times I found myself hesitating to add items to my project lists because I was mixing project management with adding next actions to context lists. While the application is definitely easy to use, the mixing of roles was creating a mental block, which in itself is what GTD is trying to avoid.

    I have since decided to move onto a a very simple list manager, which already has a beautiful interface for all platforms I use, including Android, all free of charge. I will not mention the product, because I still have much respect for the developers of NirvanaHQ. I have already found myself more productive as I have less mental barriers in my way of adding next actions to the appropriate context list. I have chosen to implement Project Management in a completely distinct system and it is working well for me.

    I wish all the best to the developers of NirvanaHQ and I would hope all of you all continue to remember why you created this project. Please don’t stray away from GTD and keep it simple!

  60. Barbara

    Great news!!! I will gladly pay for the plus plan as long as I have an Android app. I love Nirvana, but not having it with me all the time just defeats the purpose and the mobile app is too slow to use.

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