N2 ♥ Internet Explorer 9

We’ve been running the latest builds in Internet Explorer 9 for a few days now and, gosh darn it, I think we did it. We have N2 working in IE9 without chrome frame! (and it’s surprisingly snappy too)

I was worried for awhile there that we weren’t going to pull this off, which would have meant leaving a significant group of N1 fans—those poor souls who are restricted to using IE at work without admin rights to install anything—stranded after the cutover to N2. This pool is larger than you might think, and it would definitely have had an impact on our ability to gain wide adoption post launch.

It’s looking like we may get IE8 working too, which would be awesome.

For the geeks: Server-side we had work to get the api exposed via the same subdomain as the app, as IE’s default settings block cross-origin resource sharing. Client-side, well, we all know the joys of getting things to render reliably with any level of precision when you’re trying to support the full array of browsers, let alone pushing the envelope of html5 and jquery.

There are a bunch of bug fixes (UNL and Waiting-related, among others) and we added a few nice new features (multi-select-right-click being a big one). Barring any last minute hiccups, we expect to roll this out over the weekend.

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