N2 Build 221 – Sequential Projects & UNL

Cue (or queue) the singing angels… we have a Unified Next List. (hooooooooooooo) N2 Build 221 brings with it the ability to filter out everything but true next actions in the global Next view.

Next View Options
next view options

Switching your Next View Options to Unified List now displays:

  • all standalone next actions
  • all next actions from projects marked as parallel
  • only the top-most next action from projects marked as sequential

All you need to do is tell Nirvana whether your projects are parallel or sequential in nature. Here’s what we mean:

Parallel Projects

  • Parallel means tasks can be tackled in any order, or at the same time
  • Project View: tasks are separated by state (next/waiting/scheduled…)
  • Next View: all next items appear

Sequential Projects

  • Sequential means tasks should be done in sequence, e.g. task A must be accomplished before proceeding to task B
  • Project View: tasks are consolidated into one sortable list (except for someday)
  • Next View: only the top most next item is included

Project behavior can be modified via the full project edit view, or by right-clicking on a project in the left navi or main Projects listing.

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 10.40.32 AM
right-clicking is your friend

We’ve been playing with this for about a week and it’s already made a huge difference in providing clarity and reducing clutter.  We hope you like.


  1. YES!!!! I’m very excited about this. Thank you SO much for getting it done. I know it’s been a long road!


  2. I can’t say how grateful I am for Nirvana and the care that Elbert takes of its development and, especially, of its users.

    I believe I am among those fringe cases who had a problem recently. It is now solved and Nirvana is working perfectly for me on a Vista desktop at home, a Windows 7 desktop at work, my iPhone and iPad when on the go. Thanks, really.

    The recurring feature was the one I was most anxious to see implemented. This is now working fine. With the arrival of sequential projects, the only « big » feature I am still hoping for is the ability to organize projects into sub-projects. [Well, later I might come to hope for collaboration features, but this is another story.]

    Have a nice week-end, all!

  3. Dave

    I can hear them! I can hear the angels singing!

    Thank you!

  4. Just started playing with sequential projects. Great addition! I’ve been needing this one. Now if I can just get the mobile version to work on my WebOS phone I’ll be really happy.

  5. Jon

    I just have to take a moment to reflect on how beautful and amazing Nirvana has become. This is just a great project, and I love where it is going.

  6. Maxim Filimonov

    Omnifocus pwned !:) I can’t ask for anymore improvements in projects area but there is still some room for improvements in review area. Special “review view” like in Omnifocus would be great.

  7. Keith Garrod

    This is a great feature… except that when I have a sequential project where the first task is scheduled for a future date, I don’t want subsequent tasks to show up.

    Nirvana is getting to be very, very good, so please keep up the great work.

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