N2 Build 180 = Sync Status + Diagnostics

N2 Build 180 has been pushed live.  This is a maintenance release to addresses a number of sync-related issues that folks have been reporting.  90% of the changes are invisible under the hood type stuff.  But the 10% that you can see include:

  • hovering your mouse over the sync button shows more detailed status info
  • pressing shift+0  (that’s shift+zero)  will bring up a gnarly looking diagnostics panel

That diagnostics panel is for troubleshooting with the dev team.  It’s not a very friendly looking dialog box, but for our developers it’s like a beacon of light.  It should prove invaluable for helping us figure out how to resolve issues you may be experiencing.

So, please refresh your browsers a few times until you see Build 180.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.


  1. David Drake

    Thanks, Elbert and entire Nirvana team for your hard work!

  2. David

    Sorry, I’m deleting this comment, as it’s maybe somewhat misleading.
    Feel free to contact me via discussion forums if you’d like.

    Thanks otherwise.


  3. Gregory

    Just one thought: I like this small and often release schedule. It lets me know progress is being made. And though I probably won’t see any of it visually, it’s still nice.

    Thanks guys! Nirvana just gets awesomer and awesomer.

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