Repeat after me, Repeat after me

Repeating Tasks have finally arrived to N2.  Here’s what you do:

  • Log out from all devices
  • Refresh a few times until you see Build 171 (or higher)
  • Log back in to your N2 account
  • Right-click on any task you want to make repeating…
    Schedule » Make Repeating…

There are a number of usability improvements still to come, but we’ve been using what you see in this build for about a week and it’s already hard to live without.

Please let us know about any bugs you unearth. Please let us know about any bugs you unearth. Please let us know about any bugs you unearth. Please let us know about any bugs you unearth…

Update: Release Notes are here.


  1. Nick Wilson

    Nice work, Nirvana team! There’s an impressive amount of flexibility in the way tasks can be repeated. I like it.

    Now enjoy your weekend, then hurry back and get this thing out of beta so we can start paying you 😉

  2. Gregory


    I’d suggest tweaking the font in the repeating pop-up, Times (I think) is a little bit ugly xD

    But the functionality is amazzzinnggggg.

    One other suggestion is to eliminate some “drop downs.” For example, click a task and you get the editing window. At least for me, there’s a whole lot of unused space on the right. What I think would be cool is if you guys divided it up into sections, at least one for time, and one for energy, and make them one-clickable.

    What I mean is that instead of clicking “Time” and THEN “# minutes,” it would just be like a box filled with “5m, 10m, 15m . . .” and I could just click the one I wanted.

    Same with energy. Just have a little section called “Energy” and have 1, 2, and 3 dots next to each other.

    Something about 1-clicks makes things more appealing in my opinion.

    Anyways, fantastic work, I love it.


  3. Loren

    Love it! I agree, impressive functionality.

  4. David Drake

    Fantastic work…congratulations, Nirvana team!!

  5. Tod

    Do I need some kind of invite code for N2? I’ve found the login web site for it, but my UN/PW combo doesn’t seem to work.

  6. Totally agree, excellent work. What I can’t work out is why you don’t expect me to pay you.

    Please please let me give you some cash!

  7. JP

    Fantastic and very happy!

    In the release note (section forward looking):
    Underpinnings for Sequential vs Parallel projects are now in place. This will facilitate a true Next Actions list.

    Regarding this could you please take look at the topic at

    There is an explanantion on post 6 in this topic what can be a part of the ‘true Next Actions list’

    I did mention that the repeat function is fantastic and that I’m very happy did I?

  8. Daniel W

    Fantastic! This will make life a lot easier for sure.

    Question, what does “Each copy has a due date” mean and how does it work? Will the selected date(s) be due dates instead of start dates if that box is checked? Will the task appear in Focus X day(s) before the due date then (“Copies should be created…”?

    That part could do well with some clearer instructions on what dates are due dates and what dates are the start dates.

    Another question, could projects be scheduled to repeat? I know the tasks in a project can be set to be repeated, which is good enough. But if there are many tasks in a project to be repeated regularly this would be quicker if the repeat rule could be set on the project, rather than on its tasks.

    And last question, how can I log in to the site and post as a logged in user? When I click log in I’m only logged in to Nirvana 1, but I don’t seem to be logged in to post comments.


  9. David

    @Matt – We’ll be happy to take your money 🙂 but in a little while.

    We’re getting closer to launch, when there will be both a Free plan and one or two options for Pay plans.

    Hang in there!

    @Daniel – yes, regarding the way you described your “Question” paragraph, and certainly one of the things we need to do pre-launch is improve our knowledgebase and tutorials.


  10. Tod

    I’m on N2 build 171, but when I right-click on a task, I don’t see a Schedule menu item at all. I get:
    Snooze Until
    Due Date


  11. @Tod – I went through the same confusion, right-clicking and seeing no “Schedule” option.

    Then I went into my “Scheduled” items view, and right clicked on a task there – and that’s when an option appeared called “Make Repeating…”

    So you can only make an item repeat once it’s already scheduled (with a due date, or a start date too I think though I’m not seeing the “start date” option anymore).

    I’m excited to get a feel for this feature in action 🙂 I definitely need a better reminder system for my bills 8)

  12. Wow! we’re finally there. Great job! and thank you so much.

    I’ll be experimenting and will give you feedback.

    Also thanks for opening URLs in new window.

    I confirm Daniel’s mention of a bug when you try to login this blog. Doesn’t work for me either. I get logged in to version 1 of Nirvana, not this blog. Same thing if I directly log in to the Help section : when I click on the blog link, I seem to loose the authentication.

    Have a nice week. And thanks again.

  13. @Ashley – Thanks for clarifying for @Tod and others who presumably will encounter the same confusion. We have already remedied this for the next release…

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