Still working at it…

A quick post to keep folks abreast of N2 and recurring tasks…

First: hats off to all those who have ever had to tackle this problem. It’s a lot harder than it looks. We keep getting close to the finish line and then find some edge case where our “next date” calculations break down.

Second: another humble bow before those who actually managed to create an interface that didn’t confuse the heck out of non-programmers.

Third: a few days ago we went back to the drawing board to simplify our recurring engine, and it looks like we may finally have a winner.  Just finished merging this into trunk and are refactoring surrounding code that leverages it to see if this one passes mustard. Still need to do some heavy testing to ensure we’ve got this one in the bag.

We’re making an exception to our rule about not working on weekends to keep the momentum going.



  1. Chris Webb

    Just wanted to pass on best wishes – and thanks for keeping us up to to speed!

    Just keep focusing on how fantastic you’ll feel when it’s finally out there and you’ve cracked it! And remember we all appreciate the effort you guys are putting in.


  2. Nick Wilson

    I’m glad to see you’re taking the time to get it right. I’m sure you have your hands full internally, but let me know if you’d like some additional beta (alpha?) testing before recurring tasks go live. I’d be happy to help and provide feedback.

  3. Dafyren

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to see the result. You guys rule.

  4. Thanks for keeping us posted. And best of luck with your tests.

    Keep up the good (excellent) work, guys!

  5. mattilacken

    Thanks for the info, keep up the good work!

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