Getting Recurring Right

Implementing recurring tasks with disconnected devices is tricky business. We knew this going in, but wow. We’ve got it working (mostly) but not quite ready for primetime. It’s looking pretty hot though.

We’re going to keep working at it over the next few days and see if we can’t get it polished for production. Apologies that we didn’t make our Friday target.

On another note, we let ~3000 new users into Nirvana 1 today. People seem happy, and our new servers didn’t break a sweat, which makes us happy. So on that happy note, wish us well as we take a quick beer break, and then continue with ironing out the kinks and getting those recurring tasks into the wild.


  1. David Drake

    Sounds good, Elbert and Crew. Remember, we are behind you cheering! Enjoy the beer!

    Best wishes,

  2. Proximo

    Is drinking beer a recurring task. That could be the problem.


  3. I really like how you guys are aiming to hit certain marks on a weekly basis. Can’t wait to see the next round of improvements!

  4. Glenn

    I heard that Proximo was buying the first, second, and maybe the third round.

    What time should I be there for the party?

  5. Brandon

    I’ve been waiting for so long! You’re making me so happy!

  6. david

    everything works good on last Opera browser.

  7. Adam

    I can’t wait until recurring tasks are ready. That is the only thing preventing me from using Nirvana full time.

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