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Upcoming Release 2/18

Nirvana is back in active app development after several weeks of team reshuffling and infrastructure planning. As some of you may know, Nirvana is an offshoot of plu, a web agency — and sometimes as the agency side of the business gets busy, resources have had a tendency of getting diverted towards keeping our client work on schedule, at the expense of Nirvana progress.  Thankfully, we now have some bright new faces to help keep the workload from crushing us, plus we have a commitment to ensure we always have enough resources devoted to active Nirvana (N2) development.

We are adopting an every-two-weeks development / release cycle.  Our old release-when-new-features-are-ready model, we’ve realized, wasn’t providing the steady-stream of regular updates, fixes or visibility that we all want.  Constraints can often be a good thing and time-boxing ourselves to two weeks should also help us stay focused on the prize.

So what are we working on for this Friday?  After combing through, no kidding, over a thousand support requests, we came to the conclusion that we can no longer ignore what we had considered minor UI annoyances, but in the real-world have been driving people mad.  Like when task editing cancels out when clicking on the star icon, or due dates not being saved under specific project editing views, or ampersands causing all kinds of havoc in tagging… Where there was a workaround we tended to ignore these problems as we were focused on other issues.  But as they say, quality is the absence of negative cues, so it’s high time that we restore the bar to where it should be.

The rapid entry textfield will accept #tag notation as in N1, but we’ve also added syntax for adding due dates and start (scheduled) dates, effort (time/energy) and more.

The recurring task engine will be put to the test in production during this release cycle, with the goal of having recurring tasks as a feature ready for the following release.

Changes to support a proper unified next list are in progress.  (why can’t we get our act together on this already?)  Will let you guys know the prognosis via the comments as we get closer to Friday.

Onwards then.

Server Migration This Weekend

Hi Everyone –

We will be moving some servers around this weekend to scale things up a bit.  Will try and keep downtime (if any) to a minimum, but if you happen to hit Nirvana at a time when we’re momentarily off the air, we apologize in advance.  Keep an eye on @nirvanahq for updates as we go.

See you on the flip side…