Server Maintenance 9:30 PM ET

We’ll be performing server maintenance tonight, starting at around 9:30pm ET (Feb 16). The maintenance window is expected to last about an hour.

Please follow @nirvanahq on Twitter for updates.  Thanks for your patience.



One Comment on Server Maintenance 9:30 PM ET

  1. Tony on Wed, 16th Feb 2011 7:20 pm
  2. Why have we been seeing so much down time over the last 24 hours? How will this be definitively fixed? I requested more details a while ago and have not heard back with any concrete details – only a defensive reply that I was exaggerating downtime reports (not a great way to respond to customers when your service is failing). I was hoping for a lot more in this post than a simple maintenance announcement. Nirvana is a beta but over the past day it has been performing more like a pre-release alpha.

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