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We’re Hiring! – Spread the Word

OK, it’s time to get serious. Nirvana has much too much potential to be dawdling along as a part time project. PLU, our parent company and sponsor, has been letting us devote our (rather limited) free time towards Nirvana development for over a year, but it is clear that Nirvana deserves more juice. We want to kick things into high gear and bring our pet project out of beta, launch already, and then some.

So we’ve decided to double down. We’re staffing up the core PLU team to free up Nirvana time for our more senior rock stars. Our new hires will also be involved in Nirvana wherever they can lend a hand.

PLU is looking to hire a new Client Account Manager, an Intermediate Web Designer, a Junior Production + Web Design Person, and a Web Production + Design Intern. All positions are for our office in downtown Montreal.

Please retweet and/or forward this link to folks you think might be a good fit. The sooner we can fill these positions, the sooner we’ll be able to really push Nirvana 2.0 to the max.

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Namaste, yo.