Nirvanahq on BBC Click!


This aired a few weeks ago, but the segment was recently put online for viewing by non-UK surfers.  Woot!

(If you’re impatient, Nirvana is featured after the advert, around 2 min 30 sec…)

How cool is that?



2 Comments on Nirvanahq on BBC Click!

  1. Zeshalta on Fri, 26th Nov 2010 2:55 am
  2. Congrats guys :) Just wish she had of given it a longer feature and properly looked at some of the great features on offer. Still, good publicity :)

  3. Nils Geylen on Sat, 27th Nov 2010 5:31 am
  4. Very cool!

    I find Click not that great, and certainly not a “flagship technology programme” as they dub it, but it’s great mainstream publicity indeed.

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