Nirvana 2 – Preview Release

On November 11, 2010 we made the upcoming Nirvana 2, a work-in-progress, available for preview.  We are very very excited about the reception it has received thus far.  We are letting the adventurous take it for a spin so that we can learn where we stand on a number of engineering related issues.

Some key points about Nirvana 2:

  • It is a complete rewrite from the ground up
  • It will run offline, without an internet connection
  • UI interaction is completely decoupled from network i/o, so it’s wicked fast
  • It has full internationalization support built in under the hood
  • It runs completely on top of the new Nirvana API
  • It is still a work in progress, and browser support is still limited

You can read more about the Nirvana 2 Preview Release here:


  1. Arturo

    I want to be adventurous! Please give me this preview too!

  2. Oliver

    Sounds awesome! But when I try to login with my credentials I get thrown back to the login screen and the email-field says “null”.

  3. Waldir

    Kudos on the improvements! I’m a long-time Remember the Milk user, but I’m keeping an eye on you guys constantly. Develop the Android app and support for recurring tasks and I’ll give Nirvana a serious try. 😉

  4. All of my areas (projects, next, etc) are empty. Each just says that help/tips should go here.

    I have ran through the migration process and it stated everything was successful.

  5. Elbert

    If you are experiencing problems migrating, there are a lot of discussions and solutions being offered over at

    Good search terms are migration, nirvana 2.0 or just n2.

  6. Dmitriy Nesteryuk

    I love the new version of Nirvana. Thanks!!!

  7. javier maseda

    I’ve just enter in nirvana 2, and just 1 consideration, I really prefer the look and feel of the current Nirvana, it was less distracting and with less design…

  8. Ian

    Loving Nirvana and currently trying Nirvana 2. I use Omnifocus on my Mac but needed something for my Windows PC at work – Nirvana is a good match! A few suggestions: (i) I much prefer the ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’ flags for due dates; (ii) is it possible to have a view that shows ALL tasks, grouped by status (i.e. today then next, then waiting, etc.) I keep forgetting that I have items in ‘waiting’ and want to chase them!, (iii) I’m sure it’s coming but some reformatting of the printed list would be great (title/owner, etc) (iv) again, I’m sure it’s coming but really keen to see email tickles and reminders in v2. Otherwise, thanks for a great product!

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  12. Very nice to see a GTD oriented app that is actually clean and functional! I’ll make a full switch over once you have an android app.

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