So we’re back in the office after a much needed week-long hiatus.  Christiane and Dave headed north, Romina and Elbert went south.  Our porteños in Buenos Aires stayed put and whimpered en masse over their World Cup smackdown… so painful.

Speaking of painful, the recent changes we made to Nirvana were met with mixed reviews.  That’ll teach us to make radical changes just before heading out of town.

Here’s what went live:

  • Scheduled tasks
  • Time and Energy filtering
  • Persistent text field for rapid entry of action items
  • Multi-drag/drop
  • Inline editing in lieu of popups
  • Streamlined project view
  • User Preferences for background color, fonts
  • Keyboard navigation (up/down arrow) for moving between lists
  • Active vs Inactive project toggle
  • Today vs Next action item toggle
  • Later
  • … and a bunch of invisible stuff dealing with server i/o

In general, people liked the streamlined look and feel improvements, as well as most of the new features and refinements.  We did, however, set off a fire storm of complaints with changes we made to the behaviour of Next, and the ill-fated introduction of the Later list.  It made sense to us at the time, but we’ve since been convinced that a realignment is in order to bring us back to core GTD tenets.

Also, while we improved browser responsiveness in some areas, we took a step backwards in others.

We know what we need to do and are working to patch things up quickly.  Just wanted everyone to know that we’re back on the case and working working working…


  1. build 820 has been pushed live. this is a point release mainly to address some sluggishness issues.

  2. thanks guys! for your commitment to build a great GTD web app, and for listening to your users 🙂

  3. Alberto

    I would like a video tutorial of the new features… I know you can probe them by yourself… however it is a good tool if you want to use and understand all the new features as Nirvana’s staff have designed them…


  4. gab

    Please don’t delete ‘Later’ with all my stuff in it, without telling me first.

    • @gab… no worries. If we rename or remove a focus/view from the left navi your tasks will remain in your account. We’ll be sure to let you know where the tasks get moved to.

  5. I think the new features are great! Although I don’t use the “Later” grouping.

    “Scheduled” and start dates is the best improvement so far since I have a lot of tasks and know when I can start them (e.g.: Follow-up on…).

    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to get an Android version so that I can check my task sits while in the Montreal subway…

  6. I use Later – not for its intended purpose, I guess, but I use it for lists of things that I don’t want cluttering up the rest. For instance, I keep an ongoing list of books I’d like to read in there. I have a “Books to Read” task, and inside that a checklist in the comments – and that works perfectly, without cluttering up my important tasks. Rather than removing it, how about changing it to something user-definable?

    • Hi Dane, we are planning a user pref to show either 2 lists: ‘Someday/Later” & “Someday/Maybe” or 1 list: “Someday/Maybe”. So you won’t be losing your Later list, it’ll just be named differently.

  7. shaun

    great web app guys. really loving it. I would say sticking to the basics of GTD is really important. What you’ve got is clean and really useable.

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