1. Proximo

    Looking great. Need to play with it some more. Thanks

  2. Daniel W

    Looks fantastic! One thing I noticed immediately. I’m using Google Chrome and the dropdown for Areas of Focus appears to the left and goes outside of the browser window, so I can’t actually see what area I’m choosing.

    Will play around with the rest, have looked forward to this upgrade!

  3. Firas

    Wow. Looks great! Thank you very much.
    Yeah, I am also using Chrome 5 on Snow Leopard, and encountering the same issue with the “Areas of Focus”.

  4. philippe99

    Great update, especially the “Later” and “Scheduled” area.
    Have definitively switched from RTM to Nirvana

  5. MarcinGTD


    Fix for Chrome: hold shift and click on the refresh button in chrome.

    Worked for me (its a force restart option for page)

  6. Bravo! I really like it.

    You could squeeze icons (on the left of a task) a bit closer together and generally try to improve screen real estate usage (especially when having many tags), but this is really great!

    I am really anxious to see shared projects now!

  7. JamesT

    Looks great guys! Still getting used to it, but like what I see so far!


  8. Nice UI update.

    I miss not having a single Projects with all Tasks visible view. Anyway way we could allow all Projects to expand to display all Tasks?

    Also a bug: On the main Projects page the input at the top of the page says “Create a new Task (type here)” when actually it creates a project.

  9. npj

    Weren’t there going to be invites going out with the update? I’ve been waiting for weeks now and now I’m more ready than ever to start using Nirvana! ; )

  10. I was checking the blog for this kind of post for the last hour or so 🙂

    The update looks spectacular! Can’t wait to read how to use some of the features though, and hard refresh helped solving the issue described by Daniel.

  11. Bob

    Way exceeds expectations for this upgrade. So far so good.

  12. OMG. Amazing updates. Thank you SO much. I love that I get to set the UI preferences myself… and the time/energy addition is very cool. Will give this a go. Thank you Nirvana!

  13. Yay! I’m so pleased that you finally got it done! Very nice work and congratulations to Elbert and the whole team!

    You are making such a great piece of software. I so pleased with it that still in beta I want to donate/pay some money to you!

    Thanks a lot for making our lives easier!

  14. Fantastic, works like a charm.
    Now the only tiny improvements I’d like are:
    1) better layout on print (expecially with Chrome it’s terribly ugly)
    2) being able to select tags from a dropbown. I use tags for contexts and every one starts with a @ – so I have to type two letter instead of one every time… very small thing but since i use it often I recognize it.

  15. a few quick tweaks since yesterday in response to positive and not so positive feedback…

    – restored option to show/hide today items in Next

    – pre-release of upcoming tagcloud feature (it’s still rough around the edges, but we’re releasing early to help out with some of the features we took away that will take a little more time to restore – such as project tasks in next, smartlists)

    refresh your browsers…

  16. oh, you can turn these features on/off by clicking on your name in the top navi and then selecting Preferences…

  17. Andreas

    In “Today”.
    I can’t move away a task from here by clicking the arrow on the far right and then select “Remove from Today”.

    Win XP. Chrome 5.0.375.86.

  18. MarcinGTD

    Tag cloud: best thing since sliced bread.

    So you guys what my credit card now, or what? 😀

  19. Dan Lahl

    Wow, nice UI improvements. Thank you so much for your efforts!!! Much more usable within the webpage now… Closer to MonkeyGTD, but more intuitive and easy to use.

  20. This is only getting better an better.

    The only thing that I find buggy is how easily the edit box opens up. If I am clicking within my notes (which often contain links) it opens up the edit box. Can you change the sensitivity on that?

  21. @vin – hmmm… nirvana now “listens” for mouse events across the entire task, which is what lets you drag/sort from anywhere in the bar, as well as double-click anywhere to edit. Perhaps you can adjust your computer’s mouse’s double-click speed/sensitivity?

  22. Ken

    Agreed.. getting better and better. Can’t wait to see ALL items with due date on iPhone!

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