Areas of Responsibility: What’s the hold up?

We’re close… we’re really really close.  In fact, Areas of Responsibility in the desktop browser version is ready to ship!  BUT, we realized (in hindsight, like idiots) that we need to make some significant modifications to the mobile version so as to not muck things up for those of you who bounce between desktop and mobile Nirvana, which a lot of folks do.  Specifically, the mobile version doesn’t retain assigned Areas at present, and there is no way to filter or move tasks/projects between Areas.  But we’re on the case.

Timeframe?  I’d say single digit days away from release.  Thanks for understanding.


  1. MarcinGTD

    Areas for both desktop and mobile? thats pretty pimp!

    thanks for the update

  2. Arman

    Sounds great! Thanks for hard work and the update.

  3. Proximo

    I am also looking forward to it. Can’t say the same for my neighbor because you know what happens when I get excited. 🙂

  4. Terminado

    Wait a minute, not so fast. . . if you keep adding features like this, I won’t have any excuses for not getting things done!


  5. Bill

    It’s day 10, we hit double digits. =] Can you give a status update while we are patiently waiting.

  6. Firas

    I’m eagerly waiting for this update! Many thanks.

  7. @Bill – I just knew someone would call us out on day 10. (doh!) We tried to push this out on Saturday but ran into a snag that forced us to roll back. It’s a pretty big change so we have to make sure we get it right. Will try again this Saturday. Sorry for all the delays. Promise it’ll be worth the wait.

    I’m especially excited to see what everyone thinks of the new mobile version we built to accommodate areas of responsibility. We revisited jQTouch ( to restore the page transitions that were dropped during our last mobile update, and managed to find, I think, a good balance between eye-candy and performance. It’s another complete overhaul of the mobile version… 3rd time’s a charm?

  8. @Elbert Thanks for the information about reason of delay. cap deploy:rollback? 🙂 Good luck 🙂

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