Looking Good – Mobile Web App

Working on an overhaul of the iPhone/iPod Touch web app.  Performance is zippy zippy, and it’s looking like this one will play nice with Android and other modern mobile browsers.

Mobile Web App / Take 2
Mobile Web App / Take 2

It’s starting to feel really great to use. Can’t wait to get this out the door and into everybody’s hands… this week, perhaps?!


  1. Looks bloody good! This will really make Nirvana the best GTD on the market! I just hope it’ll work good well with Android, or else I don’t know if I can justify what I just wrote…

  2. Arman

    I had no idea the new web app was so close. I can’t wait either! Looks great!

  3. Jose M

    Why is this web app only for iPhone/iPod?

    • Nope… this will be friendly for all smartphones/mobiles with web access. The screenshot was easier for us to take using the iPhone emulator on our ‘puter.

  4. Chris ONeal

    Awesome! Can’t wait. One more step towards completely ditching Toodledo!

  5. Farooq M

    Looks great! Is it going to work while offline?

  6. Proximo

    Great news. Can’t wait to get it officially. You know with all the love will come much feedback. 🙂

  7. Agata

    “Eventually with HTML5 offline mode, but not right away.”

    Would be awsome!

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