Experimenting with Inline Comments

I know I know, we should be working on getting an iPhone app out the door or Recurring Tasks or Areas of Responsibility, but here’s a screen capture of some inline commenting… work in progress.

screen cap: inline comments
screen cap: inline comments

I think this is close to being beta-worthy.


  1. Jos van der Voort

    2 things on this:

    1. The leave a comment link or button should be located near the top, maybe even next to the note icon at the end of the action title.

    2. This is more important: New comments should be inserted at the top of the list and push the rest of the list down. This will allways leave the most recent comment on top.

    This will allow the notes section of the action to be used as a contact history where you can see where you are at a glance.

    Also I believe there is no specific need to separate the note with the comments. Just add each note to the top of the list with a time stamp.

    Check Vitalist. I like the way they have implemented it. The hard part there is the number of mouseclicks it takes to make a note.

    Just add shortcut “t” “to add a time stamped note. Put in on top of the notes section and push the rest of the notes down.

    Or make adding to the top or the bottom of the list a settings parameter.

    The way this is implemented now will require a lot of scrolling when my initial task/action comes from an email that I mailed into Nirvana. As I then want to see the latest activity on that task I have to scroll all the way down. Not very practical.

    I suggest you beta this for yourself trying to use it for contact history. You will soon find out you need to add your most recent note at the top.

    Also as you get familiarized with the action because you have seen it in your Today list a couple of times, then the original supporting note becomes less important but your most recent contact attempts are.


  2. Are these comments for multiuser collaboration?
    Because I don’t really see them more useful than simply using the notes section.
    But nonetheless, its a good addition if users were to collaborate on a project 🙂

  3. @photon – It’s for users who want time stamped audit trails, and yes, it’s a stepping stone towards collaboration (shared projects, delegated tasks)

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