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Finally, Compound Context Filtering

This should have been implemented many moons ago, but the wait is finally over!  We are happy to announce that one of the core GTD concepts that has been sorely missing has finally come to Nirvana: compound context filtering.

In plain english?  This means that you can select multiple tags (contexts) to quickly filter your tasks down to just the ones you need to take action on right now.

screenshot: multiple contexts selected
screenshot: multiple contexts selected

Hard to believe that we’ve survived this long with only single tag selection.  Starting today you can say: show me tasks that are tagged “office + phone” or “family + errand” — or if you’re like me and you tag your tasks with effort, time, and priority levels: “easy + 1h + p1 + office” — I’m a bit of a geek.  Can’t help it.

Here’s how it works: click on a tag to filter your tasks.  To filter further, Control-click (windows) or Command-click (mac) to select/deselect additional tags.  Your task list will dynamically update as you click.

And here’s a bonus: you can now sort within filtered lists.  Filtered tasks are sorted in relation to each other, so when you remove the filters you may notice that tasks have shifted around a bit in the master list… but we’ve been playing with this for a couple of days and to our surprise, it actually feels quite natural.  Outside of Projects which may have a set sequence for actions to occur, one almost always filters by context to determine what to do next, which is why this seems to work.

Bonus #2: we’ve also restored a nifty feature that got lost a few releases back — creating new tasks while tags are selected will automatically populate those tags in the new task.  (Wha?)  Example: if you’ve filtered your list to “office” and then click on New Task, that task will have “office” already entered as one of the tags.  Turns out to be quite a time-saver in the real world.

This has been a long time coming.  Thanks for your patience everybody.

Support/Community Responses

Hello everyone,

A quick note to say that while we’ve been monitoring community posts, support requests and tweets while attending SXSW here in Austin, Texas (lovely weather BTW), our ability to respond has been a bit hampered. We’ll be back in the office and at full force later this week. Thanks for understanding.

Nirvana Mobile v2.0

We are proud to launch Nirvana Mobile v2.0 – not just for iPhones anymore!

Point your Android, iPhone, (enter your smartphone’s name here) to and check it out.

In the spirit of “release early, release often” we are aware of some glitches and missing UI elements which we will fix over time. That said, feel free to give us your comments and suggestions. We eagerly await your thoughts, especially from the non-iPhoners out there. We’ve created  a new community discussion group just for this.

Hope you enjoy!