Email to Inbox, Daily Tickers, SSL

Just rolled out a bunch of long overdue updates to Nirvana tonight. Thanks to everyone on the discussion boards for holding our feet to the fire… it’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally back on a regular release schedule.

In the Account Settings dialog you’ll see a bunch of new options.  Might we suggest you log in to your account and check them out?

Account Settings

the new account settings dialog

Profile Photo: We’re going with Gravatars.  Will lend some nice eye-candy to some upcoming features.

Email Ticklers: Select the days you’d like Nirvana to send you an email with your daily todo list

New Tasks via Email: Each account comes with a unique (generated) email address.  Send an email to it and Nirvana will create a new task in your Inbox with the contents of the email.

SSL: Any screens that have to do with your account (login, signup, the app itself) are now https encrypted.

On another note, we’ve had some internal discussion about how well we’re communicating (or not) with everyone in the beta community… and we’ve decided that we need to be “a little less Apple and a lot more Google.”  Starting today we’re going to be a lot more vocal, release a lot earlier, and release more often.  The perfectionists in us have kept our development pretty close to the chest thus far, but it’s probably better for everyone if we emoted a little more.

Spread the word.

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